Pongee fabric

Pongee fabric

What is Pongee fabric?

  • Pongee is a wove fabric with irregular filling, medium weight, and fine warp.
  • The most common type of pongee fabric is a naturally hued lightweight silk-like fabric with plain weave. 
  • In comparison to other kinds of linings, the fabric is entirely washable which makes it a better option. 
What is Pongee fabric?


  • Pongee fabric was known to be the most significant export for the United States and China during the early 20th century. 
  • The fabric was first woven by hand and was worn by Amami Islanders of China. 
  • Later on the fabric was put to sale in the common market and quickly became popular throughout 1870. 
  • In 1895, the introduction of the mud-dye technique led to the invention of glossed thread as raw pongee material. 
  • By the end of 1959 several artisans were able to rub different hues into the pongee fibers. 
  • Numeral arrays of pongee have been curated over time while still maintaining their tradition. 

What makes it stand out


The fabric is medium-weight smooth fabric which makes it flexible for various applications.


Pongee is a durable fabric, making it less prone to bubbling during friction.


It is mostly used as lining for various clothing as it is resistant to molds and mildews. 

Application and Usage


Shirts, suits, pants, trousers, coats, etc.

Home Furnishing

Curtains, cushion covers, etc.


Bags, umbrellas, caps, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Use a phosphate-free detergent. 
  • Wash the fabric on a delicate cycle with cold water. 
  • Tumble dry the fabric at low cycle and remove it promptly. 
  • Iron the pongee fabric if needed on a synthetic fabric setting. 
Care Instructions



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