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What is Raw Silk? 

  • Raw silk fabric is also known as “Sericin”. It is a smooth and delicate form of fabric that can easily be woven into different types of fabric. 
  • It is a type of silk fabric only with a nubby texture.
  • This is due to the uneven yarns which are a part of its weaving process.
  • Raw silk can be found in various textures and weights.
  • The shorter fibers of raw silk are gathered either from waste silk or broken cocoons that are left unreeling during the process of yarning.
  • Raw silk comprises all the qualities similar to silk except sheen. 
  • The famous places for the production of raw silk are Bhagalpur and Pochampally.
Raw Silk


  • As per the Tales of Indian history, the roots of raw silk fabric traces back to the Indus Valley Civilization. 
  • However, the essence of raw silk can be seen during 2570 BC in China, along with several Asian nations that traced the discovery of this distinct fabric.
  • This civilization has majorly invested a lot of effort in harvesting silk cocoons and trading them in huge quantities. 
Raw Silk Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out


Raw silk is a lightweight and breathable fabric, that is, it can protect from overheating.


It is flexible and does not lose its shape as it can pull itself back after stretching. 


Raw silk is made from lustrous material resulting in a shiny appearance. 

Application & Usage 


Crop-tops, Trousers, etc.


Neckties, scarves, bags, etc.


Cushion cover, curtains, table cover, etc. 

New Age Innovations

  • Presently, India is the 2nd- largest producer of raw silk after China. 
  • More than 97% of states in India manufacture silk, including Bhagalpur and Pochampally.
  • Even at present times, this fiber is elegantly dyed and woven with hands by using intrinsic silver threads entwined within the fabric. 
Raw Silk

Care Instructions 

  • Do not keep the fabric under direct sunlight.
  • Avoid getting any stain, as cleaning the stain will damage the fabric.
  • Always wash the fabric in cold water with your hands rather than in a machine.
  • Do not wring the fabric.
  • Use detergent that does not have bleach.
Raw Silk Fabric
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