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What is Tussar Silk Fabric? 

  • Tussar silk is a type of wild silk, which is made from silkworms that feed on plants like asan and Arjun.
  • It is famous and valued for its natural golden color.
  • The main producers of tussar silk are Jharkhand and Bihar.
  • Tussar silk is lightweight, has a luxurious touch, and feels like a charm. 
Tussar Silk


  • According to old tales, tussar silk originated during the medieval period. 
  • Before that, there was no trace of Silk fabric being created from either natural or artificial fibers in place of mulberry silk
  • The artisans are extremely skilled in making this craft and are highly dedicated to making the finest quality fabric. 
  • Even though it is presently manufactured in different parts of India, it was primarily produced in Jharkhand.
  • It involves production in large quantities by skilled weavers, where the art of sericulture has been passed onto future generations. 
Tussar Silk Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out




Opaque (slightly sheer)


Good drape

Thermal Properties

Keeps warm in winter and cool in summer

Application & Usage 


Saree, shirts, etc.



Home- furnishing

Handicraft, furnishing, etc.

How to Judge the Authenticity 

Burn Test

  • Burn a piece of Tussar fabric.
  • The original silk when burnt will release a smell similar to burnt hair.
  • When the corner of the pure fabric is burnt, the flame remains invisible and stops burning as the flame is taken away from the fabric
  • After burning, the ashes left are brittle and black. 
Tussar Silk Fabric Online

Care Instructions 

  • It is recommended to dry clean the Tussar silk fabric
  • Do not wrap the fabric in plastic bags.
  • Iron the fabric by first layering it with cotton fabric and then using the iron on silk mode. 
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