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What is Rubber Fabric 

  • Rubber or rubber coating fabric is a  elastic material that is present in various goods of daily life,
  • It is a material that is produced by naturally from plants majorly latex as well as through chemical processes,
  • This fabric is a piece of cloth with rubber coating fabric in order to improve the features of the material,
  • It is widely used for various industrial purposes. 
Rubber Fabric

History of Rubber Fabric 

  • The origin of the rubber fabric was dated back to ancient period during the cultures of Mesoamerica,
  • But in 1839 this fabric came into light and started using for industrial purpose,
  • During the mid of 20th century, rubber covered the 75% of market,
  • With the time, synthetic rubber also came into use for industrial equipments,
  • In today’s world rubber is highly used by automobile sectors.
Rubber Fabric

What makes it stand out


Due to chemical processing rubber inheritance hardness,

Tear resistance 

Rubber is flexible and can get any shape which makes it treat resistance. 


It resists damage and degradation which make it durable.

Application And Usage 


Rubber suits, safety suits and coats etc.


Boots, hand gloves and wrist bands etc.

Home decor 

Door mats, table cloth and bed spreads etc.

Care Instruction 

  • Rubber garments should get wash in warm water with no use of soap or any detergent,
  • Excess the water with soft fabric and keep it flat to get dry,
  • Do not use any sort of iron or dry clean for rubber coating fabric.
Rubber Fabric


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