Saxony fabric

Saxony fabric

What is Saxony fabric?

  • Saxony fabric is made from a type of wool that originated in a town in Germany. 
  • The fibers of the fabric basically originated from the merino sheep. 
  • It is a very fine and high-quality fabric with a soft touch and medium weight. 
  • Due to the serration process the fabric has a good felting ability.
Saxony fabric

What makes it stand out


The fabric is soft to the touch and is fine in appearance


It is easy to drape


Saxony fabric is effective in absorbing moisture as well as resisting wrinkles.

Application and usage


Suits, shirts, jackets, scarves, formal wear, etc.

Home furnishing

Cushion covers, carpets, blankets, etc

Care instructions

  • The fabric has to be washed with care as it will tend to shrink.
  • Wash the fabric with fabric softener in the washing machine at a low setting.
  • Do not bleach the fabric.
  • Dry the fabric in direct sunlight.
Care instructions


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