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What is Uppada Silk? 

  • Developed in South India, Uppada silk is famous for its silk-like texture and lightweight. 

  • Created with a blend of viscose fibers, Uppada silk fabric is the most commonly used fabric among females. 
  • Uppada clothes are made by using a non-mechanical method.
  • They are distinguished by the measure of thread counts.
  • It is basically used for designing sarees, gowns, scarfs, etc. 
  • Most artisans use zari work for making an exquisite design in Uppada outfits. 
Uppada Fabric


  • The history of Uppada fabric can be traced back to the Jamdani weaving technique.
  • Jamdani Weaving technique was introduced 300 years ago having a rich heritage.
  • This weaving method was patronized in history by the Kings of Pithapuram and Bobbili. 
  • After the decline of the fashion industry in England due to the industrial revolution during the 19th Century, Jamdani observed a slow revival during the 20th Century. 
  •  Later the technique was introduced in 1989 in Uppada which was led by a revivalist.
  • Such activity led to the beginning of new designs, however, it still took many years to get recognition. 
Uppada Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out


The fabric is smooth just like silk


Uppada fabric has a shimmery texture.


Among different types of Uppada outfits, sarees made out of this fabric are more luxurious than any other sarees. 


Due to its sheer and smooth nature, Uppada fabric gives a decent and good fall to the outfit. 

Application & Usage 


Sarees, blouses, etc.


Flags, crafting, etc.


Table cloth, bed-covers, etc.

Care Instructions 

  • While cleaning the fabric for the first time, prefer to dry clean it.
  • Afterward, apply mild detergent.
  • Do not dry Uppada silk material under direct sunlight. 
Uppada Fabric Online
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