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What is Banana Fabric? 

  • Similar to hemp, Banana fabric is produced from banana stems and peels.  
  • Banana fabric is the organic, strongest, and natural fabric, composed of lignin and cellulose. 
  • The process of extraction of fiber involves a very intensive labor method. 
Banana Fabric


  • The conversion of banana peel into fiber was first introduced by the Philippines. 
  • The place comprises countless banana trees where the people living in the area made it into the fabric for the present and future generations.
  • Several other people tried to experiment with banana fibers but did not succeed. 
  • For instance, India has replaced the Philippines as World’s fiber hub.
  • The manufacturers from Britain as well as the United States became curious after the interaction between Western and Southeast Asia increased. 
Banana Fabric Online

Different types of Banana fabric

Inner-peel banana fabric

This type of fabric is very expensive to produce. It is very delicate and soft just like silk.

Outer-peel banana fabric

This fabric has been used for centuries in the industrial sector due to its rough fiber. Due to such features, it is used in making ropes, mats, etc. 

What Makes it Stand Out


Banana fabric lets the body breathe and stay cool during hot days.


It is soft and has a shiny texture and does look like silk fabric.


Banana Fabric is anti-allergic and gives a comfy feel.


It is grease-proof, water-resistant, and heat-resistant.


Banana fabric is strong as it is made from tough material which makes it durable too.

Application & Usage


Shirts, blouses, gowns, etc.


Hat, gloves, ropes, etc


Doormats, wall weaves, etc. 

Care Instructions 

  • Banana fabric can be hand-washed and machine-washed with cold water. 
  • While washing does not use detergent which has a bleaching effect.
  • Prefer to iron the banana cloth on a low setting. 
Banana Fabric
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