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What is Wool fabric?

  • Wool fabric is the most common textile in the world after Cotton.
  • It is created from natural fibers which are extracted from animals like sheep, goats, camels, etc. 
  • The raw material of wool is basically made from keratin-based proteins which make the fabric elastic.
  • Wool fabric is most desirable due to its versatility, durability and softness. 
  • Australian industry is the leading in the world with 25% for wool production followed by the U.S. and China with 18% and New Zealand with 11%.


  • Before the domestication of sheep, they were hairy rather than wooly and due to this, their hair was not suitable for textile manufacturing. 
  • Around 10,000 years ago when people started domesticating sheep, their traits started to change and hairs became much woolier than before.
  • It is possible that people started to make woolen clothes 8000 years ago, however, the first evidence of woolen garments is from 4000 BC.
  • With other fabrics like linen and leather, wool was also considered as a significant textile during the Roman empire, it became a much more focal point in Europe during the Middle Ages.
  • By 1200 AD , Wool production became a major part of the Italian economy.
History of Wool Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out

UV Protection

The UV protection factor of wool is 30+ , which makes wool absorb sun rays naturally before it reaches the skin.


The thin layer of wool fiber comprises fatty acids which repress the growth of bacteria.  


Wool is known for regulating the temperature of the body, it insulates dry air as well as warmth around the skin making the body warm during winter.


Wool can be bent 20,000 times and still be the same as new without any breakage. 

Application & Usage 


Cardigans, sweaters, coats, etc.


Hats, gloves, etc.

Home furnishing

Blankets, carpets, quilts, etc.

Craft products

Table cover mats, Floor mats, etc.

How to Judge the Authenticity of Wool? 

Burn test 

  • One way to check the authenticity of wool is by burning it. 
  • The pure wool will instantly catch fire and will maintain a steady burn. 
  • The smell of burning wool is similar to the smell of burning hair. 
Fool Fabric Online

Bleach test

  • The other way to check the authenticity of wool is by performing a bleach test.
  • For it you have to keep some fibers of wool covered with bleach for at least 8 hours.
  • If it is pure wool then it will dissolve substantially. 

Care Instructions of Wool

  • Before storing the woolen clothes , remember to empty pockets as wool tends to stretch over time. It will prevent the cloth from sagging.
  • Do not iron , as direct heat will harm the garment and will change the structure of proteins within wool fibers.
  • Prefer to dry clean the clothes. In case you are hand-washing the woolen clothes, then use wool detergent along with lukewarm water. 
  • Keep them in a cool place and with cedar balls or lavender oil.
  • As wool garments tend to collect moisture, therefore cover them with natural material like paper or cloth rather than plastic bags.

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