Kala Cotton Fabric

Kala Cotton Fabric

What is Kala Cotton?  

  • Kala cotton is a type of organic cotton which is grown in the Kutch area of Bhuj district (Gujarat)
  • It is considered as a genetically pure cotton compared to other industrially grown cotton fabric and is suitable to grow in the environment of Kutch.
  • With the quality of softness, durability and comfort, Kala cotton will let your outfit sustain for a longer period. 
  • This cotton has been a pride for India for centuries. However, the significance of Kala cotton fabric was not the same as it is at present. 
  • After an initiative taken by the Khamir organization for the artisans making Kala Cotton, that helped in its preservation & provided livelihood to them.
Kala Cotton


  • The evidence of Kala Cotton’s existence appears to stem back in 2700-3000 BCE, wherein a similar kind of plant was discovered at an archeological site in Mohenjo-Daro. 
  • During colonial rule, the demand as well as cultivation of Kala cotton has declined which led to the decrease in its usage till today.
  • During the 1990s and 2000s, the weavers of Kutch were making their livelihood from selling the Kala cotton fabric; in contrast, only 600-700 people practice the art currently. 
  • Although, at present the fiber of Kala cotton has been restructured and is viable as a sustainable fabric alternative within the fashion industry.
Kala Cotton Fabric

What Makes it Special

  • The crops of Kala cotton are entirely rain-fed; it does not need a huge quantity of water in order to grow. On an average basis, Kutch receives around 300 - 400 mm of rain every year, which is sufficient to cultivate Kala cotton.
  • Kala Cotton plant is extremely weather resistant, even during bad weather conditions, Kala cotton’s quality remains the same.
  • Ecologically, Kala cotton is much more considerable in comparison to other kinds of cotton.
  • To grow, it does not require any fertilizer or pesticides which makes it eco-friendly by default.
characteristics of kala cotton

Application & Usage 


Kurti, Jumpsuit, Jackets, Tunics, etc

Home furnishing

Pillow covers, curtains, etc


Diary, scarf, face mask, etc. 

How to Judge the Authenticity of Cotton?

  • By touching the fabric you can check the authenticity of the Kala cotton. As it is a variety of Cotton, it has similar properties of it, that is, it is stiff in touch.
  • After washing the fabric, it will become soft.
  • Another way of checking the density of fabric is by posing it in the light. If the fabric behaves like an opaque object, that is, no light passes through it then it is a durable fabric. 
Kala Cotton Fabric Online

Care Instructions

  • Wash the fabric at room temperature while hand washing.
  • Use mild detergent and on gentle mode when cleaning the fabric in the washing-machine.
  • Do not scrub or bleach the fabric 
  • Wash Kala Cotton dress separately or with similar color tone as dark color clothes might bleed and will damage the outfit.
  • Do not dry it under direct sunlight.
  • Iron the fabric on low heat
  • Dry clean the fabric when needed. 

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Bhuvana Ramanan

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