Hacks to 3 Different Zipper Finishes - 27th November, Saturday

Hacks to 3 Different Zipper Finishes - 27th November, Saturday - Fabriclore

Why should you attend this Workshop?

If you feel that Zippers are tricky art, then we'll prove it's not.

    After this Workshop, you will be pro in giving those pretty zippers to your all Handmade Garments.


    What can you expect in the workshop?

    1. Learn how to finish 3 types of zippers?
    2. Zippers and straight fabric panels to sew with.

      Who is it for?

      Everyone who loves the thought of Zippers detailed on there garments.

      Materials required: 

      1. Normal zipper
      2. Invisible zipper
      3. Open-end zipper
      4. Rectangular fabric panels


      27th Nov, Saturday | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM



      1. What if I register for workshop but I'm not able to attend?
      - Don't worry, we will send you the recording. But we recommend LIVE, it is so much more fun.

      2. Do I need to have prior knowledge of sewing?
      - No. This is a basic level workshop, all you need is your love for sewing, we'll get you started.

      3. Do you provide the raw material?
      - Not at the moment. However you can buy yourself some beautiful fabrics from our website & all the other materials are readily available in local market.


      About Tutor 

      D. Sakthiswari

      Sakhti is a Content Creator and  Fashion Design graduate who fell in love with the process of creating patterns and constructing garments


      Registration is Open for only 50 seats
      Register Below.

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      Radhaba surendrasinh Chauhan

      Radhaba surendrasinh Chauhan

      First experiences is best so I think all are best. Thank Fabriclore so much.

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