10 Gifting Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

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The coming of Raksha Bandhan is almost akin to the arrival of a long-awaited shower after several dry months. Just like the first shower of monsoon brings in much relief to the parched soil of the earth, Raksha Bandhan too brings in that long-awaited sense of festivities after the tedious and boring months of June and July.

However, the catch of Raksha Bandhan lies in deciding the gifts that are to be given to our siblings and cousins and lets just all agree here, this task is way easier said than done. So, let us make the task a bit simpler for you guys. We suggest that this year ditch the generic gifting ideas like chocolates or sweets and be a bit more creative with your gifts.  Here are 10 unique gifting ideas that will easily make you the top contender for brother or sister of the year award.

1. Fabrics & Sarees:

Men be a bit bold this year and get out of your comfort zone while deciding your gifting options. Stick your neck out and buy something personal and unexpected for your sister like an authentic and traditional saree. Trust us the expression that you are going to see on her face will definitely remind you of the times when you showed her the new magic trick that you had learned, and her jaw dropped in surprise.

Ladies too break the cycle of generic gifting this year and opt for some beautiful fabrics to gift to your brothers which they can customize as per their liking. And in case you are wondering where to look for such traditional attires, Fabriclore offers you the greatest and widest collection of authentic fabrics that will put any buyer in awe.

2. Handmade Home Décor:

If your sister is like Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S who has a knack for unique and traditional home décor, then you need not look beyond Fabriclore’s collection of Handmade Home Décor. All our homemade knick-knacks ooze the charm of India’s beautiful and cultural heritage. And since these items aren’t mass-produced, we promise that you will be basking in the glory of having gifted the most unique gift to your sister. Choose from the mesmerizing collection of puppets, bell totas, wall hangings and what not.

3. Travel Kits:

For those who have been bitten by the travel bug, travel kits sure are the best gifts. You can customize those kits as per your liking. Maybe include personalized passport holders, luggage name tags, travel journals, and whatnot. Gift this to your siblings and cousins and be rest assured to receive some extra goodies when they return from their next foreign trip.

4. Handmade Stationery:

Few special things on this planet possess the power of taking us back to our special childhood days and stationery is one of those things; as they say, there can never be too many diaries and notebooks. So, head to Fabriclore and gift your cousins and siblings some beautiful handmade stationery items like Cotton Ikat, Kalamkari or Ajrak fabric diaries, file folder, envelopes and watch them take a walk down that delightful memory lane.

5. Candles and Essential Oils:

If your sister has the taste for finer things in life, we suggest you get her some premium candles and essential oils. These candles and oils can immediately transform the mundane rooms into some exotic spa. Transport her to a beautiful and serene hill station by gifting her pine and cedarwood scented candle or acknowledge her love for desserts by gifting her a chocolate and cookie scented candle.

6. Premium Flavored Tea and Coffee:

This is the perfect gift for all the caffeine and chai addicts out there. For some of us, mornings are all about the perfect, strong mug of coffee or a nicely brewed cup of tea. So spoil your cousins and siblings by gifting them premium tea or coffee sets. There is no dearth of options to choose from as there are unlimited flavors like lavender tea, hibiscus tea and for the coffee lover, you can opt for whiskey flavored coffee or the hazelnut flavor. Surprise your loved one with this beautiful gift as you extend your hug in a mug through this uniquely flavored tea or coffee.

7. Handmade Home Furnishing:

Gifting bed sheets or bedcovers might seem clichéd or boring unless we expose you to the world of beautiful Handmade home furnishing by Fabriclore which will put your sister in absolute awe. These aren’t your generic mass-produced bed sheets. These sheets carry the rich aroma of the beautiful craftsmanship that has been our pride all long, just like how that Rajma or paneer curry will invoke the memories of our grandmother who made these dishes not with their mere hands but also their hearts. The unique prints of bedsheets inspired by the art of our land will win your sister’s heart in a jiffy.

8. Fandom Merchandise:

Does your sister bring up a Game of Thrones reference in every second sentence she says? Or does your brother get emotional every time he hears the words “iron” and “man” together? Then celebrate this Rakhi with your nerdy siblings and cousins by gifting them merchandise related to their fandom. Customized bags, mugs, tees, keychains - there is simply no limit to gifting options available. Surprise your brothers or sisters with these uber cool gifts and we promise you next time you need to sneak in late at night, they will come to your rescue in a heartbeat.

9. Quirky Utilities:

Do you know what happens when you take necessity and add a fun twist to it? You get the perfect gifting options. Sure, giving basic utilities like crockery holder or cheese grater may seem very mundane, but let’s face it everybody needs them and when these utilities themselves come with a fun twist, what can be better. Who wouldn’t want a cupcake shaped tissue holder or a 3D LED illusion lamp? Combining quirk with basics, and you thought Avengers endgame was the best crossover ever?

10. Handmade Bags, Laptop bags & Pouches:

This Raksha Bandhan why not encourage your brothers and sisters to go green but in style. Instead of the routine leather items gift them some unique handmade stuff that will be loved both by your family and the environment. Imagine the pride and smirk on your brother’s face when he walks into the office with the most unique laptop sleeve or the sister turning heads as she walks in style with her boho bag to college or work.

Fabriclore has an amazing collection of everyday products like bags, pouches, laptop sleeves, and needless to say they are all handmade. That bohemian vibe in these products definitely gives them one of a kind essence. So what are you waiting for? Lay your hands on them before stocks run out.

So, there you go. We just made your life a tad bit easier by suggesting some unique and amazing gifting options for Rakshabandhan. So, when your siblings and cousins will be beaming with glee after receiving their gift and crowning you with the “brother” or “sister” of the year award, don’t forget to thank us.

Authored by: Sreetama Chakraborty

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