How to Select the Right Saree Blouse for your Body Type

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A gorgeous saree is the staple of any Indian woman’s wardrobe. Somewhere between borrowing our mom’s saree for school or college events and buying some to start a collection of our own, we achieve womanhood. Sarees are one of the oldest articles of clothing, yet they continue to be a timeless classic. From grand weddings to fancy cocktail parties, from daily work to causal get-togethers, saree remains a no brainer for any kind of occasion.

One of the ways to adopt these five yards of elegance into your regular cycle of outfits is to pair it with the perfect blouse! Choosing the perfect blouse starts with selecting the one which complements your body type. All bodies are beautiful, which is why it is such a bygone practice to classify all body types into boxes like “Apple-shaped” or “Pear-shaped”. In this article, we delve into finding the right blouse for you by showing off your best feature. Read on to find out more:

1. Alluring Arms

If fitness stays on your to-do list around the year, if watching Shilpa or Malaika working out give you some major fitness goals, then you might be interested in showing off your hard work by dressing your best.

Look for blouses that fit your body right and have a sleeveless or strappy fit. 

Even the mid-2000s era fashion staple, the Mega-Sleeve Blouse would be a perfect fit to show off your slim arms. 

However, avoid full-sleeved blouses as they will make your arms appear too thin. Choose heavier fabrics like Banarasi Silk, Velvet & Embroidered fabrics to complement your look.

2. Tantalizing Tummy

If you want to show off your flat and fit abs, go for a short blouse paired with saree draped low at the waist. We can see this style adorned often by Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, and they pull it off with ease and elegance!

A good alternative style for new mothers who want to hide away their post-partum belly or people who want to hide their little tummy fat is the Peplum Style. The style is fitted in the upper body and balloons out at the waist, creating the illusion of a seamless figure. This style is the best example of the indo-western style and is perfect for a fancy reception or soiree.

3. Captivating Neck

If your best feature is a sleek long neck like Nayanthara, show it off with a nice close neck blouse. Try a Boat neck blouse or a T-shirt neckline which will exaggerate the length of your neck and highlight it further.

A blouse with a Chinese collar or a shirt collar would work wonders to show off your neck. For a more playful spin, try a peter-pan collared blouse in endearing pastel colors. Pair your Boat Neck blouse with a close-shouldered sleeveless pattern for a fancy look or try a mid-length sleeve for a more conservative look! 

These designs look best in light Cotton fabrics featuring crafts like Ikat, Kalamkari or Ajrak.

4. Smooth Back

High neck blouses are often regarded as a reminder of a bygone era and thus, most saree blouses these days feature a low back or a backless pattern for people who want to show off their toned back and smooth shoulder blades. Try a low back or backless blouse to accentuate your smooth back!

If you have a petite frame with narrow shoulders, try a deep V-neck blouse but if you have a more athletic frame, try a wide neckline to fit around your broad shoulders. To add an extra oomph! to your blouse, try a bow or applique on your backless blouse. Try a net or sheer fabric on your back, and heavier fabrics like embroidered or sequins fabrics and velvet for the bodice.

5. Sleek Shoulders

If your best feature is your shoulders, try a Halter-neck blouse to highlight those polished shoulders! However, if you're not a big fan of your arms but like to show off your shoulders and your collar bones, try an Off-Shoulder blouse with mid-length sleeves, or a cold-shouldered blouse.

6. Daring Décolletage

The right saree blouses can elevate your look from elegant to sassy! Try a blouse with a Sweetheart neckline to show off a slight hint of Décolletage to look sensual yet Sophisticated. Corset type blouses and blouses with a sheer shoulder panel can achieve this look. Try a rich Velvet, Banarasi Brocade blouse when opting for this style.

7. Fully- Covered

If you don't like to show much skin and prefer a classic style, try the high neck blouse. The secret to avoiding looking frumpy while wearing high neck blouses is fitting. It's best to Avoid thick and clunky fabrics for this pattern. You can transform this look into a chic and modern version by wearing fitted blouses in light fabrics such as Cotton and Chiffon or Soft and lightweight silks for a richer look.

The delight of this style is that you can also play around with different fabrics to control how much or how less skin you want to display! Try Net fabric and sheer Chiffon or Georgette on your sleeves or blouse panels to add a fun element!

when it comes to choosing the right blouse the thumb rule is to go for one which is fitted and snug around your body. Wearing saree blouses that are either way too oversized or too tight to breathe is very unflattering on anyone. We hope this guide helps you in choosing the picture-perfect blouse!

A note to remember: Saree blouses can range anywhere between 90cm to 1.5m depending on your blouse style. Check out Fabriclore’s pre-cut blouse materials for a short cut.

We’ve only compiled a small fraction of the various blouse styles available, so do leave a comment below to let us know if we’ve missed anything! Also, don’t forget to check out our wide range of designer fabrics and our new unique artisanal saree collection.

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Authored by: Vanathi Panneerselvam

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Durva Patel

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Nalini Madhusudan

I have made lot of combinations from your fabrics and got blouses stitched.

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