10 things you can do with a one-meter fabric

10 things you can do with a one-meter fabric - Fabriclore

Kudos to the DIY (Do-it-yourself) age for bringing back those school day vibes, when life was just about mere textbooks and fun-frilling art and craft activities. We all have a hidden designer in us but just too caught up in time to recognise it. The first thing that comes to our mind is, why to get into the hassle of designing something when you can buy it easily. I believe designing lets your thoughts flow out and help you identify your style better, and that is why the hassle of designing your own is totally worth it.

When it comes to fabrics, we often limit ourselves to designing apparels and furnishings, but there is so much more that you can do with the colorful yarns weaved in a variety of patterns and designs. Do not hold back your designing drive and take up the one-meter challenge. Take cues from the following and design your own.

Bows and Ties

If you are planning to make bows or ties, poplin fabrics are going to suit all your design innovations. These cute add-ons are not only easy to make but will also add an extra flare to your look.

Source: Bow - Fab Client – Roshni Tiwari (Cats and Bows)


Source: Pinterest


Slip into the ethnic or gipsy vibe by designing your own pair of Juttis. From Indigo and Kota Doria, to Naphthol and Ajrak, pick your desired fabric, discover your style and craft your own.


Source: Fab Client - Shilpa Jain


If carrying bags is a task for you, craft and flaunt your DIY clutch. All you have to do is choose a fabric and decorate it with some tassels, paints, pom-poms or sequins and you are good to go.

Source: Pinterest

 Hair Bands

We all have our days of bad hair; hair bands are the best way to get the good-to-go look! All you need are a pair of scissors, some threads, elastic and your favourite print (ideally a rayon or a poplin). 

Source: Pinterest

 Neck Pieces

Be it a dress or a top, team your favourite classic solids with a self-concocted necklace. Just cut your favourite piece of cloth and embellish it with beads, sequins, chains, wood and what nots.  

Source: Pinterest


From silver and junk to tassels and pom-poms, we all have our set of earrings collection. Try hooking loops and rings to an indigo or a kalamkari and give your collection a regal touch.

Source: Pinterest


If you like all the flicker and dazzle around your wrist, creating your own is going to be fun! Mix and match (maybe a Sunlit shibori with an Arcadian ajrak) just twist, tie, and hook them up.

Source: Pinterest

Crop Tops

 From florals to polka basics to Aztec prints, crop tops have always been the talk of the town! How about a Shibori or an Indigo, Kalamkari or a Kashish? Give it a thought and make your own.

Source: Pinterest


Just as the icing on the cupcake makes it more savouring, scarves do the icing work on our basic apparels. Get your hands on a one-meter fabric, design and drape it in your own style.

Source: Pinterest


Have a set of sarees that you no longer wear? A little mix-match can revamp your forgotten saree chest. Design a mini concept blouse with a one-meter fabric and team it with any saree to give it a fresh look.

Source: Pinterest

Fab One-Meter Store

Fuel your DIY ideas with our one-meter store. If you are fond of trying your hands at developing quirky craft and designs, this place is real magic for you! From clothing to accessories, stationery to footwear, you can literally go bonkers with your designing instincts and design your own. It has all the prints and hues you need to fabricate your creation.

Take the one-meter challenge and share your designs with us at  or 



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