2020 - The Year of Gratitude

2020 - The Year of Gratitude - Fabriclore

2020 may have plenty of reasons to be dubbed as one of the worst years of this millennium, so far. But, the way we look at it makes a huge difference - especially, if we pivot the definition of "worse", which often is sparse and insubstantial, to something more optimistic.

While doing so, a Silver lining, perhaps, inconspicuous to many, will make the unwelcomed 2020, a year of gratitude! Now, the million-dollar question that you have to answer is why are you missing out on this silver lining? Are you concerned about the drawbacks more than the positives, or are you just playing along with the "2020 is worse" drama? If it is the latter, then you have to sit and think for yourself, on the other hand, if it is the former, here is our take on the positives that 2020 brought in our lives(yours too!).

For once, the year compelled us to explore our creative edge whilst keeping ourselves isolated during the pandemic. Amidst the pandemic, we were also reminded of the little things in our lives that make a huge difference. In a way, it is safe to claim that, 2020 made us thankful for these little things.

 1. Ray of Shine - Sunshine

Locked out of the outside world, and being isolated for quite a few months would've given you a hint as to how important it is to move outside and get some sunlight.  We realised that sunlight had a part to play in our moods. 

Because, after quarantine, chances are you wouldn't mind waking up early to go out on a walk - just to get some daylight - which many may have refused prior to 2020.





 2. A Wave of Fresh Air

This year, we saw a cryptic shift in how people perceive nature. Although the nationwide lockdown limited our movements indoors, it didn't stop many to step outside for quenching their cravings for fresh air!

Before the pandemic, we were used to sitting indoors - similar to how a Penguin in a Zoo is trapped inside an icebox. We were more drawn to AC than the breezy air outside. But, thanks to 2020, the supposedly uneventful year made us rethink and find our lost love in the fresh air.

The "Rooftop" culture became a thing, and watching people taking a walk on their terrace has become a common sight in the evening - something that we should be grateful for, in 2020.


Fabriclore - 2020 - A year of Gratitude

3. Touch - A Language of love

Scholars often draw an analogy between human and machine. This is because of our programmed, and mechanized lifestyle with a little to no time reserved for appreciating little things.

Haptic communication is something we do on a daily basis, but we never gave it enough importance. Then, Coronavirus happened - restructuring the entire ecosystem.

Live events lost their namesake and were held virtually. Even touching our face was not allowed! Dire situations such as these, made us realise the importance of touch.

Do you remember the pictures circulating on internet where doctors who would over work themselves and  couldn't even hug their children. And the picture of a old lady hugging his son with a layer of plastic sheet between them. 

Haptics is now a luxury, not a way of life. For instance, people are longing to meet their friends in flesh, not talking to an avatar popping up on their computer screen.


Fabriclore - 2020 - A year of Gratitude

 4. A Roof over Head

While many complain of not having enough space on their house for another Television, there are people who are not fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads.

Even otherwise, there are a lot of people who are not lucky enough to stay with their loved ones.

This year taught us to be grateful for what we have in our house, and compelled us to think that everything is well and good until we have our loved ones beside us.

A lesson that will surely get passed onto the next generation!


5. Money - More than a Survival 

Layoffs and promotion freezes were one of the darkest repercussions of the pandemic. On the other side, those who retained their jobs were happy, except for the fact that they had to live through the unstable working hours that the Work-from-home setup imposes.

In my opinion, at least 4 out of 10 people would have stopped complaining about their salary.

In addition to being grateful for their jobs, people have also started giving enough importance to savings.

Perhaps the only time when working-class people took savings as a means of survival than as a tax-saving strategy. The pandemic taught us the necessity of savings, and when it comes in handy.


The list is not just limited to these 5 things, instead, there are a plethora of factors that have made 2020 a year of gratitude.

In fact, such factors are bespoke - different for different people, taking into consideration their lifestyle. You might be grateful for a small park beside your home, or a neighbor who is there for you always, or may be for the luxury that you can choose food on your plate. 

That being said, if you feel as if you are having a bad year, don't console yourself thinking that the others had worse. Instead, be optimistic about the little things you have.

Tell us in the comments what is that one thing you felt grateful and thankful this year?

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Shaija Valsaraj

Shaija Valsaraj

I will always look back to 2020 as a year unlike others. It was a pause in life, Grounded with family, cooking, watching old movies, knitting, seemed like a lasting picnic. Sad for those who lost their loved ones. Hygiene became centre point in life. Hope this sustains. Take the positives and looking forward to a new year with new hopes.



Gud morning
Very nice to read the article
Remember me the year of lockdown. January,February, March………..lockdown………
Had good air… Breath easy…
Remember every old memories
Had great fun ….
2020 was good……
Saved our life…….



just like the way this whole article is written i had put my thoughts in a gratitude journal few days backs. its a review of 2020 i was doing and then i realized how fortunate i am to have a roof overhead, family with whom i had spend the entire 2 months of strict lockdown playing cooking watching old movies and doing household works, Although since childhood i was very much of an outside person who loves sunlight, fresh air, playing in sand and going to beaches , i still realized that the entities we receive from mother earth in the form of air sunlight water fire and land are extremely important and we human beings should take care that we do not abuse them. we should be extremely thankful for our Mother Nature.



This lovely year helped me go with my most favourite hobby of gardening which made my year bright and colourful with the smile of flowers on my terrace.

Rakhi Arora

Rakhi Arora

Hail 2020 !! Family … Familia … extremely precious moments with kids – fun , laughter , sad moments , , cheer & each day was supreme than the previous. But the utmost important thing … thankful , grateful & so very blessed !! Amen !

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