5 Sustainable fabrics you are looking out for

5 Sustainable fabrics you are looking out for - Fabriclore

Advocating for Mother Nature requires more than just a verbal commitment - but a quintessential appetite for overseeing every single aspect of sustainability, and finding ways to incorporate them in your daily life! That's why, as an environmentally conscious brand, we encourage you to sport sustainable fabric.

You need to find a sustainable replacement for at least half of your wardrobe. Hence, we decided to put together a list, so that you can gain a head start by getting accustomed to the pros of different sustainable fabrics and by knowing how you can make use of them.

1. Banana Fabric 

Evident from its name itself, Banana Fabrics are made out of Banana peels through a 100% organic process with 0 chemicals/adulteration.

Here, instead of harvesting cotton alone for the garment, the fibers are first extracted from the trunk of the banana tree, and then spun with cotton - thus decreasing the requirement of pure cotton. In terms of texture, Banana fabric is delicate and has a very smooth inner lining akin to silk.

The fabric is all-weather and imparts no discomfort when exposed to change in temperature. The fabric is dyed and block printed using natural colors before we can ship it to your house! You will get to see different designs for Banana Fabric on our website.


2. Kala Cotton 

Kala Cotton's technique for harvesting is the zenith of sustainability. Finding an efficient way to extract cotton fiber using limited water resources and having it hand-loomed - there are no loopholes in this method.

That's why Kala Cotton Fabric is one of the front runners for the best sustainable fabric. It gives you the freedom to stitch Kurtas, Tunics, Jumpsuits, Pants or Shirts. Read more about Kala Cotton.

While the fabric itself is an exceptional replacement for Cotton, the artisans of Kachchh naturally dye and design the garment so that you can sport it for functions and events.

3. Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo Fabric is produced a bit different from the foretold garments. Here, the pulp of bamboo is first extracted, and then dissolving it into its cellulose compound. Upon dissolution, the extract is spun into cotton fibres - thus producing all-natural, no-chemical, Bamboo Fabric! The difference in method calls for a greater good in the functioning.

Similar to Banana Fabric, Bamboo fabric is all-weather - in addition to that, a unique trait of bamboo fabric is its ability to control the temperature.

During winter, the fabric will trap warm air in its fibers so that your body temperature doesn't drop, whereas, during summer, the inherent wicking property controls moisture for keeping you comfortable!

4. Organic Cotton

Do not get confused with Bamboo/Banana Fabric with Organic Cotton - because there is a huge difference between them.

While the former is produced by having some extracts spun to cotton, the latter is a process of growing cotton organically without the use of chemicals such as pesticides.

This is to decrease the current ecological footprint of the crop that uses most of the pesticides for a single crop. Organic Cotton is cultivated from non-genetically modified plants - a rarity among the other categories of fabric.

Wear it like a cotton sporting one of the finest hand block prints - sounds interesting? Visit our website to get an overview of our collection within Organic Cotton.   

5. Soybean Fabric 

Akin to the Banana Fabric, Soybean Fabric is processed from the extracting the soybean peels from the trunk, then adding them to the cotton fabric. This way, limited chemicals are used, and the entire process stays sustainable and 100% organic.

Organic fabrics mean better quality and lesser chances of adulteration - hence you retain the quality for a longer period.

To not bore you from wearing pale and dull dresses, we offer designer soybean fabrics where the fabric is dipped into natural dyes before the royal Indigo shade is used for obtaining a premium and luxurious pattern. 


Getting accustomed to change takes time, but if you understand its outcomes - it only takes a minute or two! The same logic applies to sustainable fabrics.

If you want the Earth to sustain, it is about time you make that jump - it is not a leap of faith, but a calculated one. Cotton, and other garments may seem irreplaceable, but hidden from our plain sight, there are a lot of fabrics that could replace, or do better than what the former.

Visit our website to shop through different types of sustainable fabrics! In addition to getting them at best prices, you will also get a chance to embrace the rarest of all sustainable fabrics and enjoy their flair while sporting them to your next outing! 

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