A Complete Guide to the Festive Fall Season in India

A Complete Guide to the Festive Fall Season in India - Fabriclore

Festivals are the bloodstream of the Indian population, they not only call for religious offerings but also are the biggest reason for family gatherings which are synonymous to fun, laughter, good food and an opportunity to flaunt your taste in Fashion. The entire nation seems to be in a trance, induced by happiness, love, and celebration, a spectacle that shouldn't be missed for the world!

India has a palette of beliefs; with festivals flowing like brushstrokes on a breathtaking canvas of “unity in diversity”, people yet different in cultures & traditions, are seen rejoicing each festival as if their own. Hence, the way of celebrating Navaratri, Dussehra, and Diwali may differ but they are celebrated with utmost joy beyond state boundaries.

The essence of Fall-Festive Month

As we all revel in on of the most auspicious times of the year, staying rooted to the essence of these ten days is critical for us to pass it on to generations to come! A time celebrated across the country as a triumph of good over evil, the eastern parts observe Durga Puja, Ma Durga putting the life of demon Mahishasura to an end and western parts observe Ram Lila where people celebrate the triumph of Lord Ram killing Ravana.

Pandals housing the idols of the nine incarnations are set across the country and a reenactment of Ramayana called Ram Leela is staged throughout the nine nights leading up to Dashmi or the tenth day which is celebrated as Dussehra marking the victory of Lord Ram over Ravana. Diwali is the homecoming of Victorious Lord Rama and rightly named as the festival of lights as the nation is lit with diyas, candles and fairy lights.

Indian Festive Fashion

Clothes are the projection of one’s personality, they change with seasons and occasions. When celebrations are in order, then clothes take the form of a walking fiesta. Lehengas, suits, gorgeous sarees, and elaborate ghaghra cholis are women’s all-time favourites, whereas men whip out in style with kurta-pajamas, sherwanis, and dhoti-kurtas. To be at the top of your game we suggest to read on as we unfurl festive trends of the year:

Intricate Embroideries:

Embroidery always is a go-to option when one intends to bring the va-va-voom to the party and LFW W/F 2018 just restored our belief with designers bringing their A-game with this craft. If you are more of a traditionalist you can go for a colourful Gamthi embroidery outfit, or if you lean more towards the contemporary realm, then one can opt for a net embroidered ensemble like a saree or a cape.

Male fashion is particularly rich in this category with breathtaking sherwanis and kurta pyjama designs. Bring your own sparkle by picking a sequin outfit, and if you are the extra kind, then Velvet Embroidery is your best friend. You can be the showstoppers like Neha Dhupia and her beau Angad Bedi in matching embroidery outfits.

Exquisite Silks:

Silks exude an aura of luxury, a suitable choice for grand occasions and nothing gets bigger than festivals like Durga Puja or Diwali. India being a producer of over 17,000 tons of silk obviously, has no shortage of quantity and variety, hence make the most out of it! A crystalline Organza Tissue saree, lustrous Tussar Silk lehenga or a Raw Silk Anarkali, Banarasi Peplum & Skirt, the options are unending.

One can also, secure a fashion win by breathing life to your mom’s old Banarasi saree by making it into a lavish lehenga or take the family by storm by showing up in a vibrant brocade piece. Men don’t have to shy away from all the glitz and glamour! They can go for a tailored silk kurta-pyjamas with a sleek Nehru jacket or a silk blazer.

Ethereal Ikat:

Although, Ikat is not a popular pick for festive wear we live in 2018 and everything is possible! Designers have fused the intricate craft of Ikat, Patan Patola and even Raw Silk to create the most majestic designs. Using the crafting techniques of Ikat with a variety of yarns to achieve highly unique fabric pieces is definitely the most creatvie fashion breakthrough.

Rushing to buy such a designer garment will burn holes in your pocket and we definitely don’t want that happening to you; so, express your love for Ikat by choosing bright-coloured Ikat fabric and shaping it into a kurta or saree and pair it with darker coloured pieces to give it a festive look. Similarly, men can wear dark shades of Pajama-kurta and layer it with a brighter Ikat jacket.

Labrythine Kalamkari:

Festive couture is all about bright hues with culturally rich motifs, and Kalamkari fits the description perfectly. Carefully painted by hand in the past & now replaced by hand blocks, this craft can be paired with other crafts like brocade to add an oomph factor for the festive season. Depicting stories of Mahabharta & Ramayana, singing birds, dancing peacocks, vines & more, Kalamkari is sure to keep you rooted to the history on festive occasions.

A Kalamkari Sherwani & Stole or even a classic kurta(for men) paired with a silk pyjama will make head turns on all your family get-togethers! For women, one can go for a reverse effect with a plain kurta teamed with a kalamkari skirt, pants and complementing dupattas.

Supple Satins:

No one can escape that Satin touch this season with magnificent embroidery patterns both with yarns and sequins. Lehengas with capes, long jackets and a little bit of net thrown in the mix, is a festival in itself. You can also go the subtle way with serene screen-printed designs. Men can dial it down with pastel hues with prints all over of just on their pyjamas.

Spirited Jacquard:

Jacquard gains all its designs during the warp and weft, making it a wholesome raw material to design fashion masterpieces. It is a deeply traditional fabric with classic Indian motifs like damasks, bootas, florals, sun chariots & more, giving it an edge over other fabrics. The texture and subtle sheen make it perfect for skirts, blouses, and sherwanis.

We hope that some ideas if not all resonate with your sense of style and were of any help. If you plan on designing your own attire and lack the will to hit the busy market head on to www.fabriclore.com to browse all above mention fabrics! Happy festivities!

Authored By: Sunidhi Gaur

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