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A Go-to Checklist for Every Bride-to-be

Weddings are the happiest occasion in anyone’s life, and also the most hectic! There are many arrangements and responsibilities involved in planning the perfect wedding, from wedding outfits to photographers to last-minute makeup. And let us face it - not everyone can hire a wedding planner. Having a go-to-checklist in hand six months before the wedding is just what you need to have an ideal dream wedding.

We’ve curated a few important but often overlooked aspects of planning a wedding. So, read on to find material for a checklist of your own!

1. Wedding Outfit

The best time to start looking for your wedding wear is 2-4 months in advance. It is best to have your outfit ready at least a month in advance so the remaining accessories and jewelry can be bought accordingly. Keep in mind your wedding venue and the season while choosing your outfit. Choosing heavy fabrics for a summer wedding is a recipe for uncomfortableness. Remember, you have to spend a long time in your wedding outfit, so make sure it’s comfortable!

2. Tailor

It is imperative to have a reliable and go-to tailor for your wedding! You may have your dream label or designer to plan your wedding outfit, but it’s important to have a small-scale tailor who you know is quick and reliable for your blouse stitching and any last-minute mishaps. Check out Fabriclore’s precut fabrics to design your own trousseau blouses. The best thing to do is to identify such tailors have a few sample pieces stitched by them, (perhaps a simple Kurti, Cotton dress that can later become a part of your office wear trousseau).

3. Jewelry

As soon as your wedding outfit is ready, the next plan of action is to decide on jewelry. This includes buying new jewelry and sorting out the traditional and ancestral pieces in your family to suit your outfit. Make sure to not go overboard with your look. For instance, if you are wearing a heavy Matha Patti then go for a statement choker and ditch the Rani necklace. While on the other hand a Mang Teeka complements heavy jewelry on the neck.

Another important thing is to also purchase some lightweight imitation jewelry for post-wedding functions and dinners. You can choose Kundan, Polki or Pearl sets that add a subtle glam quotient to your outfits.

4. Designer Sales

A smart life hack for all the brides out there is to look out for designer sales! Your favorite fashion house or designer might be having a sale for the wedding season, and it may be the perfect chance for you to pounce on the dress of your dream without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Local Markets

Every city has its local market, like Chandni chowk in Delhi, Colaba Causeway in Mumbai, Pondy Bazaar in Chennai, Commercial street in Bangalore, New market in Kolkata etc. These local flea markets are a treasure trove for any bride to be to find affordable, unique and quirky pieces. You can also grab small trinkets that you may need for the wedding, such as latkans, bobby pins, hair bands, safety pins, nail polish etc.

6. Toiletries

Something we always require but often forget is toiletries! Be it to the wedding venue, or to the groom’s house, it is always best to have a small kit with you. Include a toothbrush, toothpaste, travel size bottle of shower gel, shampoo, make-up remover, cotton, coconut oil and a small bottle of perfume. We suggest including a small makeup kit, apart from the one that’s in your wedding trousseau containing products for a natural every-day look. It’s also good to be keep a mini first aid kit including some medicines and band aids.

7. Casual Wear Clothes

Amidst all the wedding shopping, we often forget the need for casual clothes! This includes nightwear, and some new tops, dresses & jeans. There will be many casual outings during the time of planning and after the wedding, such as going for a movie, visits to the parlor, going to work etc. So, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance of Indian wear and western wear. A mix of casual Cotton and flowy Rayon suits & frilly Georgette or Chiffon party wear dresses are a must. You can customize your own with Fabriclore’s wide range of designer fabrics.

8. Hair & Make-up Artists

An important part of any Indian wedding is the gorgeous mehndi and the bride’s army of hair and makeup artists. A good time to start looking for hair and make-up artists, is as soon as the dates for your ceremonies are set. If you’re looking for celebrity hair stylists and makeup artist, chances are, they are in high demand; so, the earlier, the better. You can also check out Instagram and other social media for new up and coming hair stylists and makeup artists for a fresh look!

9. Mehndi

Start searching for your Mehndi wala at least two months before your mehndi ceremony. Use this time to research on what kind of designs you want and don’t rely solely on your mehndi wala! Choose designs that you love and relate with and add your own unique flavor to your mehndi that defines your love story.  You can also look at online blogs, magazines etc. for inspiration but remember not to get blindly swept away by the trend, follow your heart!

10. DIY Décor

One easy way to glam up your wedding and additional ceremonies is to have some fab décor! This may be a burden on your wedding budget, but you can get the bling without shelling the bucks by going the DIY way! Use DIY stuff and handmade décor for your haldi and sangeet and save on the unnecessary spending. For instance, you can make your own Mehndi or Haldi backdrop with colorful plain satin fabrics and further adorn it with some props like latkans, kites or flowers. You can find unique and affordable Photo booth props from sites like Amazon or Shein and you are sorted!

11. Photographer

After the wedding fun is over, your wedding photos are going to be treasured reminders of the happiest moments of your life. Decide on your wedding photographer at least 3 months before the wedding. Most photographers shoot all events in a wedding such as pre-wedding shoot, Haldi-ceremony, Bridesmaid party, etc., So set up an appointment to discuss this with your photographer, or mention all your requirements clearly via email, and make sure to schedule a sample shoot to see them in action! 

12. Bridesmaid Party

Here’s the fun part of every bride’s wedding journey; the bridesmaid party! Your new journey from Miss. to Mrs. calls for a celebration with your bride tribe! Sort out the venue and get started on the playlist for the party! We would suggest a DIY Slumber party and a chill day with good music, face masks and great food! Sort out the food and beverages in advance according to your guest list and their meal preferences. Then, let your inner party girl lose!

13. Shoes and bags for every occasion

A small part of our shopping that we often forget is accessories! Make sure your Rota of shoes also includes comfortable flats in the midst of all the fancy heels. Purchase some casual shoes for office use and the same goes for bags too! Remember to purchase some casual bags to accommodate your daily needs, and not just glittery clutches!

14. Dance Performances

As soon as the date for your Sangeet is set, plan your playlist and start coordinating with your family for practice sessions. Don’t just shell out money on choreographers blindly, use your cousins and friends and make up your own fun routine! If you think a choreographer is must, then get recommendations from friends and read online reviews.

15. Invitation Cards

You should start getting design ideas for your wedding card as soon as the wedding date and venues are fixed. Decide on the number of invites, for the different events such as sangeet, cocktail party and wedding. You can choose a theme that complements your couple style like Bollywood, vintage, tropical themes. You can check out Pinterest and Instagram to get an idea for your wedding card design.

You can also opt for Eco-friendly wedding cards that are made from seed papers, which are plant-able by the recipients. On can check out websites like Botanical Paper Works and Seed Paper India! You can even go completely waste-free by switching to E-invites. In fact request your photographer to make a complementary video invite from your pre-wedding shoot, they are usually included in the package these days.  

16. Giveaways

You can give a special something to your wedding guests and put a smile on their face, with cute and quirky giveaways! You can find affordable items like

bangles, broches, latkans, wallets, jars filled with chocolates, customized potlis, stoles etc. You can plan some return gifts like these for the bridesmaid party as well. Simply make a cute bridesmaid kit with nail polish, lipstick, some candies and a souvenir.

You can even get customized badges or bands with your Wedding Hashtag! These tiny trinkets can be found in local markets like Lajpat Nagar or Kinari Bazaar in Delhi. You can even find them online!

17. Trousseau Packing & Sagan Envelops

A quick and important tip for Sagan Envelopes is to choose a few different colours. This way, you can sort them out accordingly and not be confused during the ceremony. One can refrain from outsourcing trousseau packing and simply do it at home. Hop into your city’s wholesale market for decoration material. All you need are a few thalis, shiny fabrics, ribbons, gotta, wrapping paper and glue gun.

18. Honeymoon

Plan your honeymoon after the wedding dates are set. If you plan on going out of the country, the earlier the better! Book your hotels and flight tickets in advance and make sure to check out websites online that give you lucrative offers and concession. Feedback makes a lot of difference, hence do not hesitate to call your married friends and ask for their experience of the country or city they visited! Solely relying on travel agents can make you end up spending more money.

Once the location is sorted, start shopping for your honeymoon, including outfits, shoes, accessories, nightwear etc. Keep your honeymoon bag packed in advance and do not mix it with other trousseau stuff. Make sure you travel light for the best experience.

These are a few tiny but important aspects of a wedding that we tend to overlook. We hope this inspires you to create your own checklist and plan your dream wedding! Do comment below if we’ve missed out anything

Check out Fabriclore’s collection of fabrics, sarees and accessories to build your wedding trousseau. Our collection – Wedding Edit’19 displays an enchanting collective of wedding fabrics that could inspire you to weave your dream wedding ensembles for you or your family!   

Authored by: Vanathi Panneerselvam

Banner Credits: Allied

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