5 Most Popular Fabrics For Wedding Dresses

5 Most Popular Fabrics For Wedding Dresses

When we talk about the fabric for wedding outfits, you always want to look the way you feel. There are several wedding fabrics, and each of them has its own varied essence that will enhance your appearance on your wedding day.This is why there are different wedding dress fabrics for various seasons and overlooking them is not appreciable. 

Also, who wants to look sweaty and uncomfortable due to the fabric of their own wedding outfit?

It is an art how you dress yourself for the wedding, with all the wedding festivities going around for several days. The wedding calls for accessories that you will carry and wear by mixing and matching, and this is not just for the bride but also for the guests at the wedding. 

Wondering what makes these fabrics the best choice for wedding outfits? 

Wedding outfits speak of the past, which makes their existence felt in present times. These bridal fabrics consist of aspects that go through time in order to be part of your decision for the perfect fabric. This relates to the rich crafts of ancient times, which influenced wedding attire.

  • Silk  

Silk Fabric

The first thing that comes to mind when we say silk is the royal charm. Silk sarees are mostly worn by females residing in the southern part of India. An Indian wedding is incomplete without silk attire, and this is one of the must-have fabrics for every bride to be.

It signifies sophistication, elegance, and represents a luxurious aura. 

Silk is produced from natural fiber known as cocoon, which is a symbol of pristine shine. Outfits made of silk are the most gorgeous creations of the Indian fashion industry. It is even preferred during festivals and specifically at Indian weddings. 

The best choice that you can have as a bride is a fitting yet flowing outfit. You can wear it as a lehenga choli with different patterns, colors, and embellishments. Silk material can be ideal for brides who have sensitive skin or allergies to a particular type of fabric. 

  • Cotton 

Cotton Fabric

Cotton is most preferred by females in India during the summer season. Cotton is used to make a variety of outfits, such as ethnic wear, kurtis, lehengas, and many others. Specifically, females residing in West Bengal have a great liking for sarees made of cotton. 

Several designs and cuts can be created with the fabric, and it can also be blended with other fabrics like chanderi, which is the biggest benefit of wearing a cotton outfit on your wedding day.

From hourglass shape to pear body frame, cotton fabric goes with every type of body and can be customized for all kinds of curves and cuts. 

  • Georgette

Georgette Fabric

The georgette fabric has a soft and graceful texture, which makes it an all-time favorite among females. It offers a rich look while being lightweight and sheer. This fabric could be chosen for a simple yet gorgeous wedding dress. 

The smooth formation of the material made it perfect for summer weddings. The material is cool and comfy for warmer weather and heavy weather. This material is made out of silk or polyester and has a resemblance to crepe. 

This sheer fabric will elevate your look from lehenga to cocktail dress. The matte look is a great option for events in the daytime as it is sheer and not completely transparent, which is an added benefit if you are the center of attraction!

  • Velvet 


For its soft touch, velvet is the most adored fabric. Connected with the nobility since ages, the velvet fabric secures a special sense of charm and value till date. During the ancient period, this fiber was used to drape royal people to give them a rich appearance. Velvet is preferred owing to its luxury and magnificent look. 

The fabric was originally designed in silk. However, presently, numerous fibers are utilized for better and enhanced features. For winter weddings, velvet is a classic as it gives warmth. 

The velvet collection at Fabriclore will meet your requirements for wedding customization. Opt for plain velvet or an embroidered fabric and style your own outfit. 

  • Chiffon

Chiffon Fabric

A combination of fabrics like silk, cotton, and rayon in an enhanced form is known as chiffon. It's a light, soft, and extremely comfortable fabric that's ideal for summer.

It is often used as formal wear or evening wear as it offers an impassive, floaty look to the outfit. Due to its slippery texture, it is not easy to work with. Of all the fabrics, silk chiffon is the most expensive due to its rich, lustrous, and shimmery appearance. 

The Chiffon collection at Fabriclore showcases a mixture of plain fabric of viscose embellished with hand block printing and zari borders. You can wear this chiffon fabric as you design your saree, evening gown, and many more. 

Try different ranges of wedding dress materials online prior to selecting a wedding outfit. With good quality material, your attire makes you more confident and comfy. 

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