How to Choose between Georgette and Chiffon?

How to Choose between Georgette and Chiffon?

It is a constant question of each and everyone, What to choose for daily wear?

There are plenty of options available for fabric, but the increasing variety of fabric options increases the confusion.

As can be seen, people easily get confused while picking georgette and chiffon. Although they both are the most versatile and excellent fabrics with minor differences. 

To give you proper insight below is a small gist about georgette and chiffon. Keep reading!


Lightweight and flowy fabric, Chiffon is the most comfortable fabric that does not cling to your body and gives you a nice drape just like empire dresses.

Just remember, Chiffon fabric is a bit sheer so you might have to drape several layers of it.

As Chiffon does not have any distinct sheen, it is best for muted pastel shades. Such property allows delicate colors to dye easily. 

Chiffon is best for daytime weddings or outdoor outfits as it will keep you cool. 



Georgette is a kind of Crepe fabric. It is crafted either with pure silk or synthetic fiber like nylon or polyester. The other way to craft Georgette is by weaving tight S and Z twists which result in impeccable texture.

These twists give the fabric a rich texture along with a wrinkled appearance.

The georgette material is grainy and sheer which hugs your body and accentuates fluidly. Georgette has a great amount of capacity that embraces dyes and comes out with beautiful and vibrant textures. 

Due to its nature of high absorbency, it improves the appearance of the dye and gives a vivid palette that goes with the skin tones. 


When it comes to daily wear, georgette and chiffon are the most opted fabrics. However, there is a quite difference in their touch, texture, and techniques. So let’s move forward and see the differences between both fabrics. 

1. Fiber content 

Georgette comprises fibers like cotton and polyester. There are various types of georgette fabric ranging from pure silk to a combination of synthetic and natural fibers. Whereas, Chiffon fabric is made either with silk or synthetic fibers. 

2. Weaving

When Georgette is woven it is designed with strong threads giving an abrasive texture. However, Chiffon cloth has a puckered texture which is because the twisted yarn provides elasticity to the fabric. 


4. Appearance

Georgette is a semi-transparent, lightweight fabric whereas chiffon is a flowy and sheer fabric. 

5. Drape

Georgette cloth is comparatively dull than chiffon. The end part of the chiffon is fragile and soft. Chiffon when draped gives voluminous layers due to its sheerness, on the other hand, georgette is sturdier and is ideal for designing blouses. 


Putting an end, both fabrics are amazing in their own way and are best for making daily wear outfits and party wear outfits. Even though they both have pros and cons, the choice to wear totally depends on your comfort. Always opt for a fabric that makes you feel confident and comfy. 

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