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Ikat Style Ideas for Men

The love for Ikat is eternal which is evident from the fact that all fashion houses and huge global brands are playing with the contemporary look of this traditional fabric Ikat. It is because of the versatility of this fabric. 

This fabric has been used for centuries for designing women’s all kinds of apparel – traditional and modern but lately so many international fashion designers and brands have been spotted experimenting with Ikat for creating men's garments and accessories like hats, belts, wallets, scarves, etc. 

It is the undying craving for Ikat that makes it never go out of fashion. The reason for the never-ending list of fans for ikat is also because of the complexity with which it is made. 

Ikat Fabric

Every thread of the fabric is gathered into a bunch, and then tied and dipped in dyes according to the designated patterns. This creates a pattern on the yarn before it is woven into fabric. Every ikat print comes out to be unique because each artisan uses its own technique to resist dying.

The beauty of the Ikat is so unique and mesmerizing that even from a distance, one can easily identify this print. With this blog, we will give a glance at how the traditional art of Ikat has been altered into men’s apparel and accessories.

Shirts and T-shirts

Indigo is definitely a color of this season too. Women can be seen all around flashing their Indigo Ikat kurtas and outfits in Ikat prints.  Check out how international brands like j crew and Ralph Lauren have played with Indigo ikat perfectly to create some unique men's shirts. And they are equally suitable for casual and office wear.

Shirts and T-shirts

If you are not a fan of prints and solid shirts would still be your choice, why not add some fun to your shirts with patches of Ikat prints. Even a small patch of prints on the arms of the shirt would make them look interesting.

Ikat is definitely an art where creativity is endless. Check out this animal-printed Ikat shirt by Tommy ton. It is a perfect blend of traditionalism with modernity.

Shirts and T-shirts

Ikat Jackets

Lively, vibrant, and fresh – are what define today’s style. And Ikat patterns are truly a combination of all three. The patterns of ikat look so fresh and vivid that they are used for designing clothing lines like jackets and sweaters also. In fact, Ikat is very popular for making summer jackets.

Ikat Jackets

Rajesh Pratap Singh’s collection at Lakme fashion week in spring/Summer 2012 showcased a beautiful collection of men Ikat’s patterns. Take a glimpse of the red ikat men's jacket. It is a splendid combination of elegance and simplicity.

Ikat is not just about vivid colors. The black and white geometric look of Ikat is equally charming. And the prints are so versatile that you can simply play with styling.

As Ikat fabric is extremely breathable and comfortable for all seasons, so go ahead and design these stunning Ikat waistcoat jackets. With Ikat, you can get a plethora of patterns and colors to choose from.

Play with Nehru collars, pocket edges, bright buttoning, extended necklines, etc. And see how Ikat with just little styling can do wonders for you.

Ikat Jackets

Ikat Printed Shoes

Who said Ikat prints are only for clothing and home furnishings?  The Ikat pattern looks as alluring in foot-wears as in any kind of clothing outfit. Sporty Brands like Nike have introduced a line of Ikat patterned shoes.

Ikat Printed Shoes

And Casual sneakers with Ikat prints have already been in fashion for the last few years. All international brands like Toms, t & f, and Ralph Lauren have an Ikat-inspired Shoe line.

Ikat Men Accessories

No doubt Ikat is a versatile piece of art. Check out these beautiful bow-ties made from Ikat printed fabrics. So, next time you want to add some boldness and colors to your look, go for Ikat bow-ties.

Ikat Men Accessories

Other Accessories

Some more accessories you can create from Ikat print can be hats, caps, socks, etc. Next time, don’t go for the same black and brown wallets. Try adding Ikat geometric print to your wallet.

Just like we said, Ikat defines versatility. And that is why it is here to stay in fashion forever. It is one classic and traditional craft that can easily be molded to create a magnificent contemporary vintage look. And this is what makes Ikat a craving for fashion designers even today.

Other Accessories

 So, if you are also a fan of Ikat just like we are, Fabriclore is the right place to buy the widest range of Ikat fabrics with great modern patterns. “Design your own” is the mantra we live by and that’s what Fabriclore is all about.

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