How Cotton Fabric Is The Best For Summer Season?

How Cotton Fabric Is The Best For Summer Season? - Fabriclore

Cotton Fabric! The most popular and common type of comfy and classy fabric across the world. Basically, it is derived from the small fibers encompassing the cotton plant seeds.

These fibres are enclosed in a round, wholly formed cotton ball once the seeds are ripe. This fabric is chemically organic, which means that it doesn't contain any synthetic materials. 

Cotton Fabric

When we talk about the cultivation of cotton fabric, its production is widespread in India,  Arabia and Iran. Although, this textile plant didn't find it easier to spread to Europe until the late middle ages. Earlier, Europeans supposed that the cotton fabric is grown on some type of mysterious tree in India. Some people even suggested that cotton textile was a type of wool that sheep produced. Do you also have a wild imagination about the cotton fabric?

Cotton is the best fabric for the summer heat & has been well-liked because of its superior breathability, comfiness,  high tensile strength, natural colouring, high durability,  softness, absorbency, dye retention and lightweight. 

So, if you want to know how cotton is the best fabric for summer to beat the heat and make your sunny days more cheerful, then this guide is for you. Let’s begin!

Here's a quick insight into what we are talking about cotton clothes for summer 

Fabric Name 

Cotton Fabric

Also Known As

Pima, Egyptian, Supima Cotton Fabric


Organic fibers from the seeds of a cotton plant

Fabric thread cotton

100, 200, 300, 600, up to 2,000

Cotton Fabric Breathability

Highly Breathable

Moisture-wicking abilities

Very High

Heat retention abilities


Stretchability (give)


Prone to pilling/bubbling


Cotton fabric was first produced in

Ancient India

Biggest cotton fabric exporting/producing country in 2022


Recommended washing temperatures

Medium or high

Common cotton fabric usage

Kurta, Shirts, dresses, blouses, undergarments, socks, sweaters, sheets, blankets, bags, jeans, skirts

How is Cotton Fabric Made 

The production of cotton fabric is split into 8 major steps. So, to comprehend the production of cotton fabric for summer, you need to take a quick insight of below-mentioned simple steps:

Raw Cotton

#1. Defoliation: Initial step of production involves the removal of leaves from the cotton plants.

#2. Machine Harvesting: after removing the cotton fibers from the plant, a single machine harvest cuts out all its impurities to convert it into bales. Later, it is stored in the field before being sent to gins.

#3. Separating: At the gins, cotton bales will be separated from seeds to make them clean and fluffed to remove all the stains and dirt.

Raw Cotton

#4. Transferring: After getting a finished raw fiber, it is compressed and stored, ensuring it is ready to be shipped to the textile fabric production  industries.

#5. Carding: In the carding process, a clean and pure cotton fibers formation is done from short fibers into long untwisted strands.

#6. Spinning: At this stage, the cotton fabric is now spun to prepare the threads or yarn from the long strands.

#7. Dyeing: The cotton yarn may now undergo different processes and a variety of chemical treatments like dyeing, mercerization, etc.

#8. WeavingIn the last step, yarns are woven together to make the final fabric. Earlier handlooms were used to weave the yarns together to make fabric, nowadays machinery like power looms, knitting & weaving machines are used.

Raw Cotton Weaving

So, it’s about the production cycle of cotton fibers that every person must be aware of.  When you are willing to know the quality checks before making a purchase from any cotton fabric wholesale online store, then it's necessary to have a look at it.

Where Is Cotton Fabric Produced?

Undoubtedly, India is the largest cotton fabric production country in the world whereas China and the USA fall ahead of Brazil, Pakistan and Australia that produce approximately more than a million metric tons of cotton fabric every year.






6,205,000 metric tons



5,987,000 metric tons 



4,555,000 metric tons

With the table, you get the idea of how Indians prefer cotton fabric for the summer season. 

Why Cotton Fabric Is Best For Summer Season

After knowing the production cycle, you will surely be stuck at some point i.e, which cotton fabric you have to pick for the summer season. Right? So, to give you a crystal clear answer, we have mentioned what attributes the cotton fabrics carry and how these special properties grab the attention of people. 

Cotton Fabric Online

You can wear clothes made from cotton fabrics all year long, especially in the summer season as

  • Cotton fabric is highly durable
  • It is too soft on the skin
  • It is too comfortable to wear
  • Exceptional breathability
  • It is very lightweight
  • It is water-absorbent
  • It gives high tensile strength

Undoubtedly, you won’t say no to summer print cotton fabric if you are really struggling with the hot sunny days. Infact, you can use the cotton fabric for wider purposes such as:

-For Clothing (t-shirt, kurti, palazzo, bottom-wear, shrug, dresses, formal clothes and so on)

-For Bath Lines (bathrobe, bathmats, hand and body towels )

-For Beddings (bedsheet, blankets etc)

-For Medical Supplies  

With more than enough knowledge about cotton fabric, let's move a step ahead to know the different varieties of cotton fabric.

 Take A Quick Tour To Cotton Fabric Varieties

Fabric Type


Short-Staple Cotton

Having a length of 25–45 mm, Short-staple cotton is made with short cotton fibers & is considered the best for everyday use

Long-Staple Cotton

It is made with longer fibers (1.125 and 1.25 inches long.) The softness & durability of Long-staple cotton is better, which also contributes to its higher price.

Extra Long Staple Cotton

Made with fibers longer than 1.25 inches, which makes it more comfortable, durable and a bit more expensive than short and long staple cotton

Egyptian Cotton

The fibers carry a length of 45 mm. It has better resistance quality, and it is grown in the Nile River Valley in Egypt.

Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is considered as the finest type of cotton fabric in the world, carrying the extra stretchability and highly-sought property. 

Supima Cotton

It is also known as organic cotton that is cultivated in the US only without using any chemicals.

In a Nutshell

Through this guide, we have concluded that if you want to feel a cool, breezy, breathable air even on hot sunny days or sweat-wicking days, then cotton fabric is a go to choice for everyone, no matter the age.

As such, cotton clothes for summer exhibit the special attribute of water-absorbent, ensuring it absorbs water and dries quickly. 

Cotton Clothes

So if you're already convinced that cotton is the fabric for summer & want to buy it at the ease of your home, then check out our expansive collection of cotton Fabrics. Including both plain & printed cotton, the designs are also summer-friendly with floral vines, a soothing color palette & everything to make your wardrobe summer-ready.

We also happen to be a magnet for suggestions, and would love to catch yours…, so just drop a comment below.

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