Never go out of Style with the Florals

Never go out of Style with the Florals - Fabriclore

Some trends never go out of style. Take an example of denim and black dresses. We have seen denim jackets, denim shorts, black dresses since our 90’s and they are still counted in the hottest trend of every season. Such are the floral prints

Origin of Floral Prints

These can be traced back to 14th century when traders from east used to import the florals to European states and that is when they gained the popularity. Floral prints were actually considered as a status symbol because they were so highly priced but slowly Europeans learned to copy them and started producing them at cheaper prices. Slowly it became widely available with Italians producing some highly embroidered florals.   

Chintz, one of the most famous floral fabric, was actually considered the most luxurious fabric of that time and from that ear to now, the love affair with florals still continues to go on. The beauty of this fabric lies in its versatility- they are available in millions of color, patterns and textures that florals are go-to in every season and every occasion.

And with millions of flowers to take its inspiration from that are present all around us, there is no end to the creativity of designers. The floral hues are so bright and fresh that makes you feel full of life.

Bring out your inner lady with gorgeous floral dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, shirts, kurtas, shoes and even swimsuits and sunglasses with our styling tips. And if you would like to give a subtle look, just go for a casual floral dress with an accessory.

 Beautiful Floral Shoes 


These floral sneakers from Nike’s Spring collection looks so cool.  They give the perfect Boho look. You need something to wear with your chic shorts or casual dresses or the midi skirts, floral sneakers are your pick.

You can design gorgeous sarees and also blouses with vibrant florals. They look super elegant that go perfectly for any occasion. Also , they are so breathable because of their light weight.

Trendy Floral Sarees

Prints inspired by nature with such radiance are so mesmerizing that you can’t take your eyes away! 

Currently, the floral trend in saree is quite famous for its refreshing and elegant look.

Saree Fabric

Floral print sarees designed out of georgette, crepe or satin can easily be carried in everyday life or even to a party. 

Simple Yet Elegant Floral Dresses 

Bollywood celebrities and stylists are surely in love with the florals.

Floral Dress

You don’t even require dozens of embroidery with florals. Just play with your creativity to design mesmerizing outfits or simply accessorize them with a bold necklace or ear rings and your evening look is complete.

"Florals are for everyone. They are not just for women but men also. Floral t-shirts and shirts for men looks simply stunning"

The biggest notion among people is that floral outfits are only meant for females and can’t be worn by a guy as it is too feminine. 

But now the scenario has changed! 

Fabric For Men's Shirts

When a perfect pattern and the right choice of colors are blended together then even a man can be a show-stopper !

"They also go with any fabric. Cotton, Rayon, Satin, Crepe, Woolen- florals go with all. You don’t to scratch your head thinking which color would go with the print because they look so graceful with any color and instead you get so many options to choose from"

Skirt is a perfect outfit to be worn on hot days, however a floral skirt always syncs and is even in trend! They are easy to mix and match and can go almost with everything.  

Fabrics For Skirts

You can style a cream button top or a black collar top with a yellow floral print skirt.  

Also you can design floral skirts with fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, etc to give an extra stylish accent to the blooming fashion. 

"If you are head-to-toe in love with florals, go for a full look with floral jackets, floral sweat shirts and floral pants. Florals adds a sense of freshness and colors to winter clothing"

If you are one of those who like to live in bloom in all the seasons, floral trend will continue to excite you forever with midi-dresses, skirts, and everything else designers can create with flowers.

Fabrics For Pants

Florals define fun with fashion like no other print and embraces the charm and romance of nature. And that is why we think the floral trend will never go away and continue to stay in our hearts forever.

"Floral printed blouses designed with georgette, silk, and other such fabrics are new trends within the fashion industry to be worn in semi-formal wear or at weddings" 

Fabrics For Blouse

While designing a blouse, there is no chance that you will ever run out of patterns. You can style your blouse in different patterns like collar blouse, backless blouse, stripe blouse, and many more. 

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