Ditch the old style jackets and try our new style ideas this winters!!

Ditch the old style jackets and try our new style ideas this winters!! - Fabriclore

Frosting winds, hazy sunshine and chilled temperatures mark the arrival of winter. And winter season is all about boots, jackets and cardigans. We are so finicky and lot more creative when it comes to boots and cardigans. We can go on and on searching for a variety in boots, spend hours on deciding just the colour but we still find comfort in wearing the same old style jackets only and do not consider other prints and patterns when today’s fashion is all about experimenting with different fit and styles.

Pick up any fashion designer’s collection today and you will see how creative they have been in playing with different patterns and designs in jackets which gives us a plethora of styles and patterns to choose from.

So, in this blog we have hand-picked some creative ideas you can use to style your winter jackets in different prints and fabrics this season.

Ikat printed Jackets

Ikat prints have been the recent favourite print among all fashion designers this season. Ikat inspired outfits have been spotted in Amazon India fashion week, Milan fashion week and all the celebrities are also seen wearing Ikat print. This print can be recognized in one instant because of its unique pattern.

And the beauty of Ikat fabric lies in its versatility. It looks enticing on a variety of fabrics-cotton, silk, satin, jacquard, khadi. Check out the Ikat printed jacket on cotton fabric and coral shade. It is a splendid replacement to the monochromatic shades. Ikat geometrical print looks fascinating in coral shades also. The three-fourth sleeves add a sense of style to the jacket which may not have been in case the jacket was full sleeves. Also don’t miss out on the buttons which are stitched from inside of the jacket.

You can also try the same jacket and lower look this winters. Go for any Ikat print and pair with your pants or shorts or skirts and make your own style statement.


PC: Pinterest/Ikat Printed Jackets

Look at these gorgeous pieces of handwoven fine silk winter coats. They are perfect for any casual or formal evening. The vibrant shades in Ikat makes it look more alluring. So next time you are looking for something to pair up with your black pants, go for these coloured Ikat coats. They will not only make you look swanky but also give a pinch of liveliness.

PC: Pinterest/hand-woven Silk Jackets

Check out another Ideas for hand-woven Ikat Print jackets. These long coats will go well with pants, skirts and even shorts and are extremely easy to design. The print itself adds an alluring beauty to the coast that no embellishments are required.

PC: Pinterest/Ikat handwoven jackets


Batik Printed Jackets

Batik prints are one of the oldest and internationally practised textile art. People in rural areas of India have been practising batik since generations. So, if you are looking for something contemporary yet traditional, Batik prints are for you. And they look equally gorgeous in winter jackets as in any other clothing.

Like Ikats, Batik prints can also be imprinted on any fabric- wool, cotton, jacquard, silk. And these are perfect for any party wear or a sunny day outing. They are light yet keep you warm. And are so in vogue this season.

Check out the beauty of these Batik jackets in multi-colours.

PC: Pinterest/Batik Printed Jackets


Quilted Jackets

Winters is all about layering. And quilted jackets are definitely on the cover pages of every fashion magazine this winters. From Burberry to louis Vuitton to mango, all brands have introduced a collection of quilted jackets. If you all ladies are wondering what actually is a quilted Jacket, then let us help you understand about these jackets. Any two fabrics stitched with a third layer padding between them makes a quilted jacket.

These two fabrics can be cotton, wool, jacquard etc. We all have been wearing the typical black quilted jackets since long but this winter, why not check out these cool ideas in designing quilted long coats. They can be leather coats, trench coats, parched coats, long jackets anything.

And make them look fashionable aby adding more than one print in them. Check out the white quilted coat. It has patches of checks and geometric prints. And this would simply go with any attire.

PC: Pinterest/Quilted Jackets


Indigo Inspired Jackets

From Denims to sweaters to kurtas, this season fashion is all about Indigo prints. The beauty of this deep rich colour can be used in infinite number of styles. Indigo colour gives a rich elegant and sophisticated look to any outfit. And every piece of indigo has its own uniqueness.

We have been wearing Indigo kurtas, suits, dupattas, shirts this season so why not experiment with indigo jackets also this winter. Dive into the world of indigo with these ideas of Indigo inspired printed Winter jackets.

If you are into bold prints, go for batik inspired indigo print on a cotton fabric. Or you can even blend striped indigo on a thick denim fabric to design an impeccable office wear jacket.

PC: Pinterest/Indigo Inspired Jackets


Velvety Jackets

Velvet fabric is a star in itself specially in winters. But only if you follow the velvet rules. For a velvet blazer, make sure the colour goes well with your personality and your wardrobe. And always keep your velvet blazer a slim look. It adds a sense of style in your blazer. Perfect for a dinner party, velvets add plush to your look. It looks so sophisticated and elegant as it is that it does not require any accessories to complete your look.

Black and red velvet blazers is the super luscious colours for any formal parties or events. Pair it with a white shirt and black slacks and you are ready to make a show stopper appearance to any function.

PC: Pinterest/Velvet Jackets

For a casual look, design it into a casual jacket with shades of aqua blue, orange, greens and pair with your blue slim denims, plain t-shirt and white sneakers. Such an easy look and Not much thinking involved. For a cold day, you can even layer it like a top coat and replace t-shirt with a sweater.

If you are one of those who likes heavy embellished jackets, velvet is still the perfect pick for you. A dark shade velvet jacket with golden embellished embroider on it is just irreplaceable for any night event. Just wear your boots and black leggings and the look is complete.


Jacquard Jackets

If you are looking for a distinctive look this winter, that will make you stand apart from the crowd- then jacquard jackets are for you. Check out the beauty of this gold embellished jacket. How sumptuous it looks and we just can’t stop drooling over it.

Another reason to go for jacquard jackets is the thickness of this fabric which will protect you from the winter chills. And plethora of patterns you can experiment with. Gold batik print on any dark shaded jacquard is an ultimate choice for a formal evening.

High-street brands like Gucci, Burberry, Chanel are using jacquard to design long coats. This black wrap coat is so beautifully crafted with traditional prints.

PC: Pinterest/Jacquard Jackets

So, if you liked our collection of different ideas in jackets, then just don’t with the same old style jackets. Play with your creativity to make your own statement jackets and dazzle everyone with your charm.[/content][/article_content]


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