What is The Suitable Fabric To Make A Wedding Dress?

What is The Suitable Fabric To Make A Wedding Dress? - Fabriclore

There is nothing more difficult than selecting the ‘one’ wedding dress, isn’t it?

No doubt a wedding is the most auspicious and memorable event of everyone’s life. It is a commitment to truthfulness and love. 

Whenever someone gives a reference to a wedding the first thing that comes to mind is the wedding outfit. 

For every person, even for you, this day has to be perfect in every aspect from decoration to outfits. 

Throughout selecting the outfits it is important to focus on the type of fabric you will prefer for your wedding. 

So here are four fabrics which are best for the summer wedding.


In the present era, the georgette is one of the most popular and best among the people in the fashion industry. 

It is loved by Indian women and does not disappoint!

According to many designers, it is the most pliable quality fabric when combined with full embroidery. 

If you have a petite figure then you must choose embellishment work on your outfit, in case you have a robust figure then you must look for intricate embroidery. 

Georgette Fabric


Royalty at its edge with a modest nibble of air and thick in nature, velvet fabric is the best option for you to wear in the winter season. 

Velvet has a great touch of medieval times and an exquisite aura. With its rich outlook and slighter embroidery, the outfit will look gorgeous with this material. 

Velvet Fabric


Want a traditional and elegant fabric for your summer wedding dress? 

Then brocade is the best choice. 

Lately, lehenga made from brocade fabric is getting more attention due to its rich look. 

Opt for the red hue color fabric with golden brocade, it will look like the most ravishing outfit on you. 

Brocade Fabric


Organza is a translucent fabric with sheer, light-weight, and durable fiber worn in combination with the multi-layer fabric to give extra poundage to the body.  

What’s more appealing is its elegant structure which is idyllic for your summer weddings. 

From traditional lehenga to gowns you can design anything you want!

No matter what fabric you choose just don’t forget to flaunt and embrace yourself on your wedding day.  

Remember no fabric is better than others, it depends upon your taste. Embrace the fabric that makes you comfy and bubbly on your big day. 

Organza Fabric
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