Some Crazy Fashion Trends Inspired By Bollywood

Some Crazy Fashion Trends Inspired By Bollywood - Fabriclore

Fashion Trends and the Bollywood industry has a charming connection for ages. They have massively impacted each other. There are times when Celebrities follow a fashion trend or trends follow the looks of celebrities. 

Style has always given a distinction to characters in Bollywood and made us follow some great trends, be it casual wear or a wedding outfit. 

People from generations have looked to actors for fashion and inspiration. Isn’t it?

While the 50s were all about dapper sarees and suits along with pearl necklace and the 60s was about vibrant color outfits and winged eyeliner and so on.

Let’s jump to the most favorite part! The crazy trend that Celebrities opted to wear. 

Ranveer Singh

As expected the first person to name will always be Ranveer Singh, with the unique and creative fashion sense he is always in buzz. 

Ranveer Singh took fashion norms with gender roles and tossed them out of the fashion industry. He took mainstream gendered trends and reversed them to make it normal for men to wear clothes that are considered a little ‘feminine’.

Honestly, when was the last time you saw someone looking so handsome in a skirt? 

Bollywood Fashion

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has always been experimental with her fashion. With her completely unique outfits she beautifully pulled off Met Gala as well as Cannes. 

But, nothing can be compared to when she wore an orb dress, she looked phenomenal even though people trolled her on social media.

Bollywood Fashion

No matter what people say, PeeCee did wear that confidently without any doubt on her face and that is pretty applaudable. 

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is one of the style icons in the fashion industry, and she is the one who does not play by rules. You have often seen her mixing and matching classic outfits with inventive styles. 

Case in point?

This time she wore half pants with a blazer, sounds interesting, right?

Bollywood Trends

What we think is she does look pretty with a monochrome all-black look, she definitely dominated the world with such a perfect look. 


Deepika has always been praised for her fashion sense and style and this time too her style was on point even though it was a bit weird. 

She was wearing an embellished kurta with Velvet-floral pants, unlike the runaway look, she opted for a feathered choker which took the drama to a higher level. 

Everyone can’t pull such a look, the way she did, like a pro! 

Bollywood Outfits

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