Fashionable Woolen Blouses For An Attractive Look

Fashionable Woolen Blouses For An Attractive Look - Fabriclore

Who doesn't love saree? It is the perfect choice for any traditional event, but can be dressed down even for a simple lunch meeting. It can be made professional for office settings or worn to create an element of sensuality for a romantic date. It can be worn in the hottest of climates as well as in biting cold winters, provided that it is worn with the right kind of saree and the right blouse material.

This winter season, there’s no need to wear dowdy sweaters with your sarees or don unflattering and fully covered outfits for fear of the cold. We’re here to help you wear the perfect saree for the winter season!

 Table of Content:
  1. Fabrics suitable for blouses in winter
  2. Blouse designs to keep you warm
  3. Hacks to pull-off saree in winter season


1. Fabrics suitable for blouses in winter

A common misconception is that thicker or heavier materials are better for keeping warm. But the trick in staying warm lies in choosing closely-knit fabrics. When a fabric is tightly and closely knit, there's a lesser chance of cold breeze entering the fabric, thus providing ample insulation for the wearer.

For example, certain weaves of silk, although light in weight can provide ample warmth and protection from the cold winter breeze. Likewise, Velvet is also a great option as it can provide the required warmth while having a glamorous party look. 

No matter what the material of saree is, the main factor in staying warm will be what you wear underneath. When we think of winter and saree, the image that comes to mind is that of the women wearing basic sweaters under their sarees or above it. But the younger generation has moved away from this, and wants a mix of fashion as well as functionality in their outfits. For the best winter blouse materials, look no further because we’ve put together a comprehensive list for you.


There are different kinds of silk, but the ones we’re discussing here are the warmer variants like Banarasi, Kanjivaram and Brocade. These weaves have a tighter knit and are great to withstand the chill of the winter breeze.

Another added advantage with Silk fabric is its malleability, which lets the wearer use a thicker lining to stave off the cold weather without sacrificing the gorgeous look of their blouse. 

silk blouse fabric | Fabriclore


We all know about this one. In fact, velvet is also worn as the saree itself! But as much as it looks glamourous, wearing a velvet saree is a cumbersome task.

To be at ease & keep yourself warm, go for a velvet blouse. Velvet fabric is great at insulating the body and keeping away the winter chill. It was historically associated with royalty, due to the fabric’s softness and unusually lustrous appearance, which makes it perfect for the Indian winter wedding season! While it was originally made from silk fibres, there are many kinds of velvet these days. Velour, stretch velvet and embroidered velvet are all great options for the perfect winter blouse!

velvet blouse fabric | Fabriclore



Jacquard has a dedicated fanbase to itself. What makes it special?

It's the intricate woven patterns that appear embroidered but are actually directly woven into the fabric. Jacquard fabric can be made using any fibre type, be it cotton, viscose or silk. What makes it an apt choice for winter blouse fabric is inherent thickness & when it is combined with a lining fabric, it creates enough insulation to keep you warm.

jacquard blouse fabric | Fabriclore



Corduroy may seem like a strange choice for blouse fabrics as it’s usually used in making jackets, shirts or trousers, but it is one of the most underrated fabrics for the winter season.

When we think of Corduroy we immediately think of stiff and thick coats, jackets and other outerwear, but the unique factor of corduroy is its cords or ‘wales’. The size and thickness of the wales determine how stiff the fabric might be, so for garments such as shirts and saree blouses, a fine wale variation known as ‘pincords’ or ‘needle cords’ is preferred. Corduroy fabric blouses are perfect for the winter because they create a vintage indo-western look while also being functional against the chilly climate! 


corduroy blouse fabric | Fabriclore



Wool Silk

Wool silk is, as the name suggests, a blend of wool and silk fabrics. While woolen blouses are a common sight during the winter months, they aren’t the most attractive piece of garments. Most sarees are colourful and vibrant, and pairing them with a dowdy woolen blouse is not a good look. Enter your saviour: the wool silk fabric!

Wool silk fabric has the advantages of wool such as staying warm and being durable while simultaneously exuding the velvety smooth sheen of silk. This warm and silky fabric is the perfect choice to take your winter wardrobe to a whole new level!

Wool silk blouse fabric | Fabriclore


2. Blouse designs to keep you warm

A good blouse can make or break your entire outfit. Since showing off your curves is slightly risque in the biting cold of the winter, it’s important to choose blouse patterns and silhouettes that are flattering on you. Here are a few unique design ideas to help you capture that extra oomph this winter season without having to sacrifice your warmth (or style!)

Over the top sleeves

blouse fabric | Fabriclore

What better time to induct your love for dramatic sleeves than during the winter season? We’re talking all-out balloon sleeves, bat wings and cape sleeves. Dramatic sleeves can add an extra element of oomph to your outfit while keeping your arms protected against the chill! You can also experiment with different fabrics for the sleeves and the bodice to further elevate the look!  

Peplum to the rescue

Peplums are a classic silhouette that should be in everyone’s wardrobe! It’s a very adaptable blouse pattern and can be designed to fit any kind of weather. The unique detail in peplum is the pleats around the waist, which can provide ample warmth without looking too bulky! These days, peplum blouses can be designed with detachable sleeves and waist frills, making it the perfect all-rounder blouse throughout all seasons! 

Flaunt the Collar

When it comes to saree, some of us have deep fascination with deep necklines. But imagine the chills if you were to flaunt one in winters! Don't worry about it as collared blouses look equally elegant. Go for any collar style, be it shirt, mandarin, standing or Peter Pan, they'll all look great.

Jazzy Jacket

While wearing a woolen sweater underneath your saree is a dowdy look, the same look can be elevated with a bit of innovation! Look no further, because Jacket blouses are here to your rescue. You can design jacket-style blouses to match your saree, or even create a two-piece blouse insert with a jacket overlay to have removable layers! Once you add a few jacket blouses to your collection, you can even and mix and match them for a funky look!


3. Hacks to pull-off saree in winter season

While choosing the right kind of fabrics and blouse patterns can help with braving the cold in your saree, there are certain extra measures you can take to be prepared for the winter chill:

  1. Wear thermal leggings underneath your saree petticoat to keep your legs warm
  2. Accessorize with matching statement scarfs, hats and gloves to protect your skin from being exposed to the chill.
  3. Dig out your mom’s classic pashmina to layer it on top of your pallu to create a tiered look.
  4. Keep your feet covered in thick socks and funky boots
  5. If all else fails, locate the room heater and set up camp!

Shopping for winter blouse fabrics online can be a hassle, but here at Fabriclore, we bring you the best curations of fabrics, handlooms and more sourced directly from the makers. Check out our winter collection here!  

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