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What is Jacquard?

  • Jacquard is a loom textured fabric that has complicated patterns woven into it as the weaving process is done.
  • It is defined for its weave fabric not for the kind of yarn since it may be manufactured by any material.
  • It is a little pricey because of the time and talent needed.
  • Jacquards are available both in tone-on-tone and contrast designs, and a range of patterns is unlimited: from simple stripes and polka dots to sophisticated botanicals, flowers, and even conversational themes.


  • As a "draw boy" on a conventional brocade loom in the late 1700s, Joseph Marie Jacquard paved the way for the development of the term "jacquard."
  • At one point, they had to lift half their body weight when weaving reeds, and they were expected to labour six to eight hours a day. Drawing threads from the warp and rewinding them is the job of the draw lad.
  • Rather of relying on draw boys to create brocade textiles, Jacquard sought for a more efficient method.
  • Instead of a draw boy, the loom was guided by punch cards, which told it which threads to lift at what times to form a jacquard weave.
  • Early computers and binary coding were influenced by the punch card design created by Jacquard more than 130 years before he patented his loom.
Jacquard Fabric

What makes it Stand Out?


Cotton - No shine, 

Silk - Smooth, glossy, 

Linen - No shine,  

Wool - slight glossy ,

 Blend - slight glossy


Cotton - Opaque , 

Silk - Semi sheer - opaque ,

 Linen - Opaque 

Wool - Opaque , 

Blend - semi-sheer -opaque


Strong and resilient

Application and Uses


Shirts, tops, blouses, dresses, pants, skirts, etc.


Scarf, handbags, etc.

Home furnishing

Cushion cover, curtains, bedsheets, etc.

New Age Innovations 

  • High-end and traditional applications use silk and cotton jacquards, but current designers are using a broader range of fibers, including as linen and cotton mixes, into their designs.
  • Bedspreads, sofa coverings, tablecloths—and, of course, Marc Jacobs's stunning and creative clothing—are now accessible to the general public.
Jacquard Fabric Online

How to judge the authenticity?

  • Can check the fabric by observing the unique pattern woven within the fabric.
  • Look at the back of the fabric for the long floats.
Jacquard Fabric

Care instructions

  • Sturdy jacquards can be hand and machine washed at 30 °С.
  • Avoid using bleaching agents.
  • Do not wring the fabric.
  • Let it dry on a hanger or lay it flat on a table, away from direct sunlight. 

Jacquard Fabric

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