5 Types Of Bags Everyone Needs

5 Types Of Bags Everyone Needs - Fabriclore

We dress to impress! While the clothes themselves dictate your overall style quotient, certain accessories tend to influence the "wow factor" that we all look for.

Handbags, for instance, tell a lot about people and where they come from. Serving a striking appearance, it is easier for a person to notice your purse than the details your dress encompasses. Your glorious and embellished Lehenga will look disastrous when accompanied by a backpack. You'll go from being a fashionista to a college student who has a lot of confusions to sort. 

Let's face it - people do judge. So let's not give them a chance, we have put together a list of best handbags chosen for a particular kind of outfit. In addition to that, we will be also going through the best functional purpose for each so that it will be easy for you to mix n' match with ideas of your own! This may be the inspiration you always wanted but never found. 

1. Sling bags 

A compact, yet sassy sling bag is every girl's favorite. It's perfect for a casual outing, where you have a lot of walking to do - this way you don't have to carry the burden of a huge bag around. A perfect companion to a sling bag would be an Anarkali set if worn through around the shoulder with a fuchsia jutti, or a modest yet funky tee and pencil denim if worn across your shoulder. Essentially - you can sport a sling bag either traditionally or casually, depending on how you carry it! 



2. Duffel Bags 

Perhaps the most functional accessory, Duffel bags serve the needs of most travelers, fitness enthusiasts and office-goers as the designs are spacious, sturdy, and lightweight. However, many people hesitate to go for a Duffel bag - the reason being its incompatibility with most outfits, at least that is what many perceive. The truth is, you have a lot of options, but our suggestion is to match it with a plain shirt and a denim jacket to give it a semi-formal look.



3. Clutches and Pouches

If you always struggle to find things in your handbag, a pouch is a must for you. Sort everything from your make-up, toiletries, stationary & more. However, pouches serve a higher purpose than just keeping your essentials together. 

A pouch with strap is a must-have if you are running errands and wish to be hands-free. Nowadays with things digitized you don't need much besides your mobile, credit card and ID. To take this comfort to another level, wear a sweater or a floral-print top and leggings. This way you can flaunt both your pouch and dexterity while doing chores!


Sometimes you would want elegance more than convenience. You wouldn't want your pouch to sling all through your Multi-color georgette saree. That's where shiny clutches. Perfect for ceremonies where you wouldn't have much to carry with you - clutches help you flex the embellishments of your gorgeous saree.

4. Laptop Bags & Sleeve 

The post-pandemic world is going to catch a glimpse of a massive shift in how people show up for work. Unless you have an important meeting to attend or a presentation to give, blazers and shirts are not mandatory. Especially post-pandemic, women are more likely to prefer an airy and comfortable outfit like Kurtas, over a formal one. A sporty backpack won't go well with it. That's why you would want to consider the trendy Laptop bags. And if you want to carry your favourite handbag, you can keep your laptop safe in a laptop sleeve & carry everything else in your Handbag.

When choosing a laptop sleeve, take a note of its size & padding. The padding will ensure you keep your laptop safe.

5. Tote Bags

While Duffel Bags suffice the need to pack your essentials, Tote Bag is an essential for women. Not only does it look more organized than a Duffel bag, but it also goes well with a lot of outfits. But, this season it's all about getting back to the basics! A printed tote bag will look good with it. You can mix things up if you throw in sneakers instead of your everyday wear. That's it for now. 


This might have given you a sneak as to what these different bags are capable of doing and their camaraderie with specific outfits.

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Which bag do you thinks comes in handy the most? Let us know in the comments below, we might curate a fresh collection for the same 😉



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