Ikat: Sewn to a Standard of Perfection

Ikat: Sewn to a Standard of Perfection - Fabriclore

Ikat or Ikkat, though is etymologically related to Indonesia but is rather an ancient textile weaving craft predominantly prevalent in south east Asian regions. Only in 20th century through European conquest and British Colonial era, the west started studying rich textiles traditions of south east Asia, and Ikat was brought to a much wider acquaintance.

Admired for its beauty and creative scope, Ikat till date holds a strong dominance in the fashion realm. While reaping love around the globe, the uniqueness of this craft resides in its method of production.







In contrast to a typically patterned textile where one can easily paint the picture of the process, Ikat has a relatively different and complex production method. While usually the designs are created after the fabric is dyed, in the case of Ikat, the yarns are bundled and dyed and later weaved in the desired pattern. Prior to the dyeing process, the area not to be dyed is coated with wax and then dipped in the chosen palette of dyes.



Since these yarns are pre-dyed, achieving symmetry in the weaving process is a challenge for the artisans. However, as a result of the complex weaving process, artisans achieve striking blurry patterns that are known to be the identifying factor of this fabric. 

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Ikat Sarees - Crafted with threads of culture and heritage

The shades of blue weaved in blurry patterns give these Ikat sarees a blend of elegance and class. On the other hand, colourful Ikat patterns bring out the best combination to be simple yet charming.



Cool up your summer look with an Ikat jumpsuit

Whether you are going for a party, dinner, or planning to take a day out, a jumpsuit is a perfect match for all occasions. The blurry Ikat patterns weaved in bold tones can be teamed with a pair of loafers or sneakers. Go a little jazzy, slip into stiletto pumps and pair it with a tan sling bag.


Add an edge to your daily look with Ikat accessories

Be it a weekend getaway or heading to the office, going out for a brunch or usual college days, these quirky Ikat accessories allow you to carry everything with you, whenever you need to, but fashionably of course!



Flatter your feet with a pair of Ikat heels or sandals

For days when you want to give all the prints and tints a rest, and go for a classic solid look, pair it up with Ikat peep toes or kitten flats. Solids on top and prints on the bottom will help you keep it casual yet classy.

Funk it up in the summer heat with Ikat palazzos

Being an all-time favourite summer pick, beat the heat with classic Ikat palazzos and team them with a solid spaghetti or a top. A neckpiece and something to jazz up your wrist, maybe a silver cuff to complete the look.

Revamp your wardrobe with summerish Ikat dresses

Do you often feel anxious about being overdressed? Ikat dresses can be your saviour! Be it an evening party or casual outing, these classy Ikat flairs will give your dress a modish look.

Flaunt it with Ikat bottoms

While skirts are fun to wear, they always bring along pretty combinations to choose from! The mix and match become even more fascinating when styling an Ikat skirt or shorts. They can

go with almost any solid top, teamed up with cut-out heels or wedges to achieve the desired look

Home Furnishings

Give your room an artistic makeover with Ikat prints

Having so many things to offer on one platter, Ikat fabric is one of the most sought of fabrics in the home décor category. Be it a hobby or a profession, the scope of creativity with Ikat patterns is matchless. From curtains to ikat cushion covers, bed sheets and what nots, pick your match and give your home interiors an abstract makeover.

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