Monsoon Fashion Trends 2021 | Keep an eye on these 5 tips

Monsoon Fashion Trends 2021 | Keep an eye on these 5 tips - Fabriclore
Showers of hope - they say, the hope of getting respite from the scorching heat of summer we endured. While the monsoon does lie close to our hearts, at times, it may play spoilsport, and mind you, there's no "reserve day" when it comes to life.

Like many say, fashion is "outrageous" during difficult times, and monsoon is not far from being called one. We have seen how difficult it is for us during these months to decide what to wear.

So, to help you out, we have put together a list of top trends for this Monsoon - helping you make the right choice, and flaunting the latest fashion trends while doing so!

Moderately light, Adequately dry Fabrics

Indian moms are ignorant towards Jeans during monsoon. Because they are well aware of its heavy build - making it almost impossible to dry it overnight, if it does - it will be accompanied by a mushy odour. Hence it is better to wear light fabrics which stay dry all through.

1. Cotton

Cotton is an all-purpose fabric that works well for any season. The fabric's popularity and utility can be justified by its inherent characteristics such as Softness, Absorbency, and Durability. In addition to these, Cotton holds the colours well, so you won't have to worry about losing the dye while out in the rain.

2. Linen

Linen possesses a unique trait called "Thermoregulation" - beating the heat in warmer months, at the same time circulating warmth during the colder ones. It is more desirable than cotton, due to its better strength - about 30% stronger!

Do not forget about the soothing pastel shades of Linen, they are a blessing if you're a minimalist.


3. Georgette

Wearing your favourite Silk attire can be a little difficult during the monsoon. So, the only good option to replace it would be Georgette. It is light and has the potential to offer glittery gloss despite the overcast weather. Because of its flowing nature, soft texture, and the amazing fall, it can be easily used for wearing as a saree or sewing skirts and dresses.



4. Loom Textured Fabrics

Woven fabrics (aka Loom Textured) encompasses two or more yarns, interlaced together at right angles. Its light build helps in accommodating various styles of cuts and shapes. While it offers excellent breathability in humid conditions, the same traits helps it dry faster. So no more wet sticky fabric on your skin.




Colours that paint well together

One thing about Summer is that you have to wear what will keep off the sunlight which means your palette is limited to lighter shade - offering the least heat absorption. So, why not play around with the colours when you can! Monsoon is the perfect time to get vibrant in terms of your fashion.

However, it is not recommended to experiment with colours, as bizarre colour selection might make your outfit look gaudy. That's why, we have compiled a list of colour combinations, which are perfect for this season & keep all the latest fashion trends in check!

1. Yellow and Blue

Black and Yellow is good but is omnipresent in almost all outfit ideas. So, why not take it up a notch and go for Blue and Yellow.

2. Olive Green and Pink

This is a combination that never disappoints. You have the richness of Olive Green and the softer yet calm accent of Pink - perfect for your vibrant outing!

3. Orange and Navy Blue

Burnt Orange hue complements the luxury of Navy Blue or Royal Blue. This combination is perfect for weddings and you can see people donning this beautiful play of colours during the monsoon!

4. Red and Pink

This one will be a no brainer! Often termed as analogous colours due to the proximity of one with another on the colour wheel, Red and Pink are, perhaps, one of the best combinations for a chic look.

5. Orange and Purple

Orange and Purple is a bold combination often sought by both fashionistas and interior designers. The reason being the contrasting characteristics, which surprisingly compliment each other well!

Bring out the vibrancy

Discussing colour combination is one thing, and bringing out its vibrancy through dresses & designs, is another. Here is how you can!


1. Floral Print Tops

Floral prints are a life-saver as they add enough hue to your dress without making your outfit look gaudy. In addition to that, they also retain the summer vibes - easing you to make the transit from a lighter complexion. 

2. Bandhani

Bandhani is the art of making figurative designs by plucking the cloth with fingernails. In fact, the word "Bandhani" is partially derived from the Sanskrit word which means "Tie". Needless to say, this little art boosts the overall aesthetics of your Kurti, tenfold. So flaunt some desi Tie & Dye this monsoon.

3. Leheriya

Leheriya is perhaps one of the most unique and creative dye techniques which has its roots in India. Practised predominantly in Rajasthan, the finished product would boast an irregular zig-zag pattern that resembles the flow of water, tides to be exact. This is the same reason as to why it is named "Leheriya" which translates to "Waves" in English.

4. Fitted Shirt Dress

Perfect for office-goers or those who attend online meetings - Fitted Shirt Dress has the perk of looking semi-formal while still letting you go for different colours of choice. Even if you opt for Neon, the dress won't look as if you're going out for a picnic!

5. Short Kurti

You can wear Kurti, pretty much, any time of the year. It is versatile and goes well with everything in your wardrobe. But, this monsoon, go for the Jhag printed Kurti - wear the natural colours of nature and enjoy the comfort from mercerized Chanderi cotton.

6. Capris

Deny Denim Jeans and go for something more comfortable, and something that can replace your jeans - Capris. They only take half the time to dry when compared to Jeans.

7. Bright Coloured Scarf

The purpose of using a  scarf in summer was to seek protection from heat. While the choice was restricted to white, you can wear vivid ones this monsoon to compliment your dress.

Dress in Layers

Dressing up in layers is vital during the monsoon. For once, it will help you keep warm and dry even if you happen to get all soaked up in the rain - all you have to do is to remove the jacket or overcoat. Secondly, it adds uniqueness to your outfit. Try wearing a purple jacket over your orange Kurti - you'll notice the difference!

Innovative, and fun waterproof accessories

The layers of clothes can only save you to a particular extent. For complete protection against the heavy downpour, you need to gear up. Fret not, you now have a variety of options, the boring days of Purple raincoats are long gone!

1. Neon Raincoats

Neon is the epitome of vibrancy. It single-handedly boosts your overall aesthetics. A long neon raincoat with blue pants - and now, you don't have to fear weather, no matter how worse it can get!

2. Translucent Trench Coats

If you are wearing your special dress and you don't want the coat to shadow it, then translucent trench coats can come in handy. It offers the same perks as your average raincoats, while still showing off your special dress!

3. Waterproof handbags

Your currency notes can get all wet when exposed to rain. Even though it is easy to dry, at times when it is not handled properly there are chances that you end up tearing it, instead of treating it. Hence, it is ideal to have a waterproof handbag that can keep your valuables dry and safe from water.

That's all for Monsoon. As an ending note, it's raining deals on top boutiques including ours. Hence pack your wardrobe before the rain gets you!


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