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Nandini Rai for Fabriclore - Fabriclore

Nandini Rai for Fabriclore

Creating a strong name in the Tollywood Cinema and making her way into the Big Boss (Telugu) 2, Nandini Rai (Neelam Gouhrani), is a pretty well-acknowledged face in the industry. Since winning the pageant of Miss Andhra Pradesh back in 2010, her elegance and ethereal beauty until date remain unrivalled.

Her South Indian movies - Login (2012), Goodbye December (2013), Maaya (2014), and Khushi Khushiyagi (2015), gave her career a rising curve. Our association with her is a complete pleasure. Draped in a soft and breezy Kota Doria saree by Fabriclore, she looks mesmerizing. That glow and sincerity in her pictures really set her apart from the rest.

You too can shop your own Kota Doria saree from Fabriclore and weave your own Design Stories.


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