Our Journey with Artisans of India & Withstanding Pandemic

Our Journey with Artisans of India & Withstanding Pandemic - Fabriclore


Can we talk about art without talking about artists? When we wear handwoven craft, we don't wear beautiful designs but their love, emotions, and generations' experience. And most importantly, we wear the tradition of the land. Their lives might be a world apart, but their dreams inside are universal.

It is often perceived, particularly by urban youth, who haven't had a chance to explore textile artists' territory, that they are skilled labour. But are they? Artisans are creative professionals who are not just experienced with their handicraft tools but can produce exemplary art pieces by designing it.

The Large & Diverse Universe of Indian Crafts and Textiles

It’s difficult not to notice the depth that lies in the country’s artisanal crafts and textiles. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the tip of Kanyakumari, the hues of cultures are absolutely prismatic. Indians actually wear their culture in the forms of fabrics and even with such dramatic variations, everyone wears it with so much ease, that it sometimes feels how much of variety can exist in single land.

With such diversity as our founding light, we began our journey to take a deep dive into the diverse range of Fabric and provide everything at the tap of the finger for professionals and home designers like you.

You can find the Bandhini fabrics of Gujarat where thousands of minuscule mustard seeds are tied in silk to create breathtaking pieces; to Bihar’s Madhubani where the intrinsic details of colors are hand painted since generations. From Punjab’s Phulkari where the artisans literally put shades of mustard on patterns by their skillful manipulation of the darn stitch; to Andhra Pradesh’s Kalamkari where the fabric is covered with enticing hand blocks painting. Fabriclore sources their fabric from more than 14 states across the country and constantly exploring new crafts form and artisans from other states. Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh are some states where our artisans put in their love & experience on the yarn.

Fostering The Bond

The ally with our artisans is beyond just a manufacturer and marketer. Over more than 16 seasons ever since we started, our stories have interwoven together beautifully with the thread of mutual respect, devotion and friendship.

Every fabric you see on our website is personally sourced from the artisans. To hunt and gather a range of special fabrics we have set off to far-flung regions of India. Wandering in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh looking for Bagh, a remote village in Madhya Pradesh, strolling in the streets of Varanasi for gorgeous Banarasi, breathing fresh air in the village of southern India are amongst the countless stories of our journeys.

Every time we make visits to artisans villages, we are welcomed in their home with much warmth. The mammoth of handlooms in their tiny houses or in their grand workshop area leave us awestruck EVERYTIME. We take away much wisdom with both their Rotis and Stories. The locals make us part of their family, and we always come home with enrichment and love.


Ensuring the wellbeing of our Artisans

It’s no secret that many of the top international fashion brands use services of Indian craftsmen and still heavily promote their brand under the tag of ‘Made In Italy’ or ‘Made in France’. The luxury brands who get their work done by Indian artisans have a ‘Respect Deficit’ towards them. Protecting the valuable skills of Indian artisans is not the same as valuing the artisans themselves.

Our intent with our brand is to advocate and foster our country’s artisans and their indigenous art. In India, what we lacked is the enough word of mouth for them. This is what became the mission of Fabriclore. Today with digital era & the Indic renaissance, artisans are living the purpose and identity they always deserved.

While artisans have both the eye and the expertise to visualize quirky as well traditional designs, we often extend our approach of style for contemporary experiments. This not only makes their art acceptable in the metropolitan world but also helps them to carry out trials with their traditional crafts. As the experiment with fabric is always live, we do not like to compromise on quality. With the fast fashion and increasing global influence, we as oldest culture in the world aren't just losing our authenticity and roots, but are also compelling new generation of weavers to migrate to cities. Why? Because their ancestorial profession lacks the respect and exposure which metro cities preach for.

Our one of the major purpose is to provide enough emotional and vocational opportunity so that the new generation voluntarily opts to bear the torch of their traditional craft. We wish they never feel the lack of financial resources to pursue their dreams. The finances form the backbone to their survival, on which a lot of factors depends, such as: their emotional health and their reason to pursue their craft. Our priority amidst all the fanfare, never shifts away and remains focused on timely payments.

Sailing on the wave of Pandemic together

These artisans form the backbone of the non-farm rural economy. Since the global pandemic, everyone has been affected, along with our artisans. Their contracts were declined dramatically, and as the world was at a standstill, they were too.

While being aware of their situation, we made sure not to cancel our previous orders and released all their payment without delay. With plenty of time in hand during lockdown we utilized our bonus time designing new mixes of fabrics. After which, we have doubled the sourcing from them during the Pandemic itself. It makes us feel immensely grateful that we could provide them with regular work and financial aid during tough times.

Honestly, it would not be wrong if I say that in fact, we are being well taken care of by our artisans. No matter what situation they are personally and professionally in, they always have delivered their handcrafted fabrics on time. This exhibits their commitment, honesty, and love for their art. Hardly there have been situations where we would have any complaints about them. We hold our heads a little higher that we are associated with such talent and can contribute to their lives.

While the pandemic lasts & our artisans & economy stands back on its feet firmly, let's choose handcrafted over machine-made, let's choose Made in India over fast-fashion chains. Everything in your life is a reflection of the choices you make, choose wisely.

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Sucheta Pathak

Sucheta Pathak

Hi Fabriclore Team,
Read your or mails regarding boosting and supporting the artisans in this pandemic.Great job you people are doing.It shows humanity,to save our culture, craft and keep alive the art in artisans by simply fulfilling their needs when needed.Which is a great job itself.Though tough time for everyone in the world,your teams attitude will take you to the heights of success,I am sure.
I am your buyer since last 2/3 yre.I saw your website standard progressing day by day,Huge varieties to choose.Material is good.You people are working sincerely……the end result is none other than HUGE SUCCESS…

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