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Painting a Folkscape with our Treasure | Exclusive Collection

Painting a Folkscape with our Treasure | Exclusive Collection - Fabriclore

The treasure of art & craft in our country is equivalent to the depth of ocean. Our textile connoisseur keep on exploring these magnificent crafts based on textiles but we just couldn't keep our eyes off the other artforms & that's what gave the idea of Folkscape.

Ranging from the Pichawai Paintings to Warli, Madhubani, Gond Art, Kalighat, & more! we're inspired by all of them. So doing what we do best, we have interpreted our take on these artforms in our Exclusive Folkscape Fabric Collection.


Hailing from Nathdwara (Rajasthan), the Pichwai paintings were created as a means to express devotion. The word Pichwai translates to 'hanging at back' (‘pich’ stands for back and ‘wai’ stands for hanging). The paintings were initially used as background for deities & as decoration on temple walls. Nowadays these paintings form an essential style of home decor, adorning art galleries, museums, & even homes. The artform extends up to accessories, cushion covers, & even clothing.

Main Character & Theme: 

Pichwai paintings celebrate Lord Krishna and his surroundings. Depicting scenes of his childhood days, the main characters include Nandi cows, peacocks, lotus and birds. With a vibrant colour palette consisting of green & blue as base & hints of pink, red & white as accents.

Fabriclore’s interpretation:

Our Pichwai Inspired Exclusive Collection is accentuated with a digital take on this folk artform. Keeping alive its charm, the vibrant colour palette is perfect for all your daytime attires. The Rayon modal fabric further adds to the lively mood of the collection.



You must have witnessed this artform once in your life, recall those stick figurines?

Well those are the cherished Warli figures. The tribal art of Warli was initially practised in North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra. As a means of entertainment & decoration, people used to paint mud walls of their home with rice water paste. These paintings mainly depicted village scenes, everyday activities & folklores.

Main Characters & Theme:

As a distinct feature, Warli art combines various geometric shapes like circles, triangles & lines that creates the human form. A repetition of these figures is used to create beautiful patterns.

Fabriclore’s interpretation:

Fascinated by this folk art, we launched our Exclusive Warli Theme Collection. Infusing a trend-forward colour palette with digital prints resulted in some exclusive patterns. Like the original lores of Warli, our collection portrays different themes from lifestyle activities like farming, travel, celebrations to emotions like affection, care, love, & humanity. 
So when you want to carry an enchanting folksy vibe, you know which collection to go for ;)

Here's how our tribe member Isha Rashmi crafted an uber cool shirt with our Warli Collection.


Madhubani Art is a style of Indian painting practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar, in India. This painting is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens and matchsticks and using natural dyes and pigments. It is very common in this area to have art at its best on home walls as well as products such as bags and clothes.

Main Characters & Theme:

Madhubani paintings are heavily inspired by nature & mythological tales. The paintings depict mythological figurines like Goddess Durga, Kali, Sita, Radha, and God Ram and Krishna. People truly believed in the power of nature & elements like sun, birds, fish, lotus etc. were considered auspicious, hence these were painted on specific occasions.

Each of these main characters were painted in diverse style to narrate a story. Main character of the painting is usually painted in large size, while secondary characters are painted to fill the space.

Sun figures are prominently painted with bright hues & large eyes, depicting noon or midday; dimmer eyes indicate either dawn or dusk. Symbolizing good luck, holiness and fertility, fishes are drawn using curved lines, straight lines, and zigzag lines. 

Fabriclore’s interpretation:

Featuring the outstanding Madhubani craft of Bihar, our collection imparts a vibrant vibe to the craft. The digital prints on smooth modal satin fabric make it ideal for you to stand out with your unique attires. The motifs are inspired from the original folk Madhubani paintings, like fish, sun-god, peacock, elephant, lotus & are stylised to add a touch of modernity.


Upcoming Add-ons

The journey to discovering our folk artforms is an everlasting one. Next we are planning to bring the magnificent Kalighat paintings. Gond art & miniature paintings in our Folkscape Collection.

While we interpret & add a flavour of Fabriclore to each of these ancient treasures, do you want to see an art of your state? Tell us in the comments below

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