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5 Fabrics For All Your Winter Jackets!

5 Fabrics For All Your Winter Jackets! - Fabriclore

It’s that time of the year when the temperatures start hitting single digits, and our favourite part of winter is definitely the fashion! So, it looks like it’s time to bust out your cute and cozy sweaters, turtlenecks and boots!

We love layering, and most importantly, having a statement piece of outerwear that makes you stand out in the sea of boring black and brown coats this season.

If you don’t find readymade and mass produced winter jackets to suit your style profile, the best thing to do is source good winter fabrics and design your own.

Read on to find out our favourite picks of fabrics to suit your personal style and needs for this winter season!


Quilted Fabric

Quilted fabric is nothing but two layers of fabric that is filled with batting, which is an insulation material and sewed with a signature quilted pattern that is designed to keep you warm during colder weather.

Quilted fabrics are a great choice if you want warmth without the heavy feeling of wool and are often used to make Puffer Jackets, which are great for the winter despite their light weight. Puffer jacket can also be worn during slightly cooler months, making them the perfect for transitioning from autumn to winter. For a funky, Bohemian look, try a Patchwork quilted jacket this winter season! 


Woolen Tweed

With the ‘Dark Academia’ aesthetic making its rounds around social media, what better way to channel your inner mysterious intellectual than by sporting a somber tweed jacket?

Tweed fabric gets its characteristic patterns and designs due to the weaving technique where different coloured threads are used to achieve the squares and vertical lines. The most popular tweed designs are the Tartan Checks, but there are also other cool patterns available like the Poly Tweed and Houndstooth weave. Tweed can be used to make smart blazers and overcoats to keep you warm this winter, but our favourite is the co-ord set! 



Corduroy fabric gets its name from the raised “cords” on the fabric, which is made by laying multiple cords parallel to each other and then stitching them together. Corduroy is made from a coarse wool that was invented in 18th century England to help withstand the winters.

Corduroy is a great pick for winter as it comes in a variety of colours, and is relatively soft compared to other warm fabrics. Corduroy is also very ubiquitous, as it can be made into jackets, trousers and even overalls for the winter season! We especially love the anti-fit corduroy jacket this season to play around with the silhouette a little!

Double cloth

Double cloth is a great investment for the winter as they are thick, heavy and great at keeping you warm. Double cloth gets its name from the weaving style which ensures that the cloth has two layers of distinct fabrics which are often reversible. So get ready to go from Day to Night with your fabulous double cloth jackets this winter! 



Denims are the most versatile fabrics for any season, and are especially great for winters. They’re the perfect choice to keep your outfit casual, yet classy in the winter! While Denims ruled the fashion scene in the 90’s, they never lost their charm.

One may even say denims are making a comeback owing to the new and unique denim jacket styles! Our favourites definitely include the hooded denim jackets and Denim trench coats! 


Katan Silk

Love attending occasions in the winter but hate that your outfits get overshadowed by your outerwear? Then look no further than Kataan Silk! Katan silk is a very durable silk fabric that is said to originate from Persia during the Mughal era.

The fabric has the sheen of silk while providing you with the thickness and warmth required for the winter. So dazzle the wedding guests and complement your outfit with the dazzling Kataan silk jackets this winter wedding season! 


These are our top picks for Fabrics to suit you winter wear needs. Fabriclore carries a big range of winter fabrics including Tweed, Katan silk and more! Don’t forget to let us know your favourite fabric in the comments below!

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