Points To Avoid While Shopping Fabric Online

Points To Avoid While Shopping Fabric Online - Fabriclore

Shopping online has become easy and more prevalent at present times, especially for something that a local store does not have. 

Or we can say that it has become a trend and behavior of every sewist. For them it is easy, convenient as well as prices are competitive. 

Even Though around 75 percent of women prefer to buy fabrics from a store, it is much more convenient for them to buy an odd item. They prefer to buy it online as long as they are familiar with the retailer and the quality he is offering. 

But the big question is how do you know the quality he is offering is pure?

So, in this guide, we will tell you about 5 mistakes you can avoid while buying fabrics online.  


Let’s say you want to buy fabric for a dress, you took your mobile, went to the online store, browsed through several collections of fabrics, and after a lot of searching, you finally chose a fabric, ordered it, and were waiting to get it delivered. 

But as soon as it arrives you realize that the material is not appropriate for the dress you want to design. 

Now thinking about how to avoid such a mistake?

Cotton Fabric

The fabric of the weight is mentioned in the details of the fabric. If the weight of the fabric is less, that means it is flowy like chiffon and organza, which can be used to design skirts or Anarkali suits. 

 If the weight of the fabric is higher then it is stiff and sturdy like denim and corduroy, which can be used to design pants or jackets. 

Motif Size

It is obvious to fall in love with fabric online and impulsively buy them, but only to find that the size of the prints is smaller than what you thought. It is natural to get deceived just by seeing and assuming the size on the screen.

But the thing is you don't have to assume, Yes you read it right.

Printed Fabric

Several websites put images of fabric with scales to get the reference of the size. Whenever you like fabric with prints, make sure to find a scale reference and order the fabric according to it. 


Every fabric has a different crafting story. And in your lifetime, surely you have burnt your garments while ironing them at the wrong temperature or you have washed different color tone clothes together. 

Indigo Fabric

It is easy to avoid such mistakes, you only have to check the washing and care instructions of the fabric, for instance, indigo has a tendency to bleed so before buying carefully read the instructions regarding the fabric.

And voila! You are saved from blunders. 

Exchange And Return Policy

To have a change in opinion when you see the fabric, in reality, is natural because when seen online you have expected something else. 

And ofcourse you want to return the fabric but the company policy didn’t let you?

Not every company has policies to return the fabric, rather they have an exchange policy. 

So whenever you purchase, remember to check the return and exchange policy that the company is providing, so that it will be easy for you next time and you don’t get stuck with fabric that you don’t need. 

So, before you buy fabric online keep these things in mind, and don’t let anyone fool you.

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