This Summer Buy Most Comfy Fabric For Very Hot Days

This Summer Buy Most Comfy Fabric For Very Hot Days - Fabriclore

Summer weather is in complete swing and everyone just wants to feel cool, stay cool & be cool

The summer season also signals what we should wear as it's officially a season of sweat, sunny days and pecking heat. What you wear ultimately decides whether you feel cool & appear cool.

Imagine hot pink in summer... or mint green in summer... That's the simplest way to understand the difference. Colour, fabric type, print pattern - all combined together reveal whether the attire is summer-friendly.

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Let us give you some time-tested tips to refresh your wardrobe & make it suitable for the scorching heat.

#1 Quality Of Fabrics

Doesn't matter how aware you are of the type of fabrics, you must feel whether or not it's comfortable for your skin or is of good quality or not. Some foolproof high-quality summer fabrics are Cotton, Linen, Khadi & Rayon.

But if you can't make out what fabric is used to make the dress you like, gently run the fabric on the back of your palm. If it feels too itchy & too stiff, it is probably the wrong choice for a summer dress.

#2 Type Of Fabrics

Fabrics are majorly identified with the fibers used to make them, either natural or synthetic or a combination of both. Natural fibers are by default more skin-friendly & breathable. Fabrics made purely from natural fibers like Organic Cotton & Pure Linen are no doubt the best choice for summer outfits.

Synthetic fabrics made from natural substances such as Viscose & Rayon are next in line. Moreover, these fabrics are flowy & have a smooth finish texture making them ideal for summer party outfits. Lastly, utterly synthetic fabrics like Acrylic, Nylon and Spandex can be used for performance wear. But any longer than that & your skin might feel suffocated.

Summer fabrics with a mix of natural and synthetic fibers are also amazing to beat the heat, like Satin, Crepe, or Kota Doria.

#3 Colour Fastness

Checking fabric colour also plays an integral part while purchasing any fabric, especially in summer. Why so?

Sometimes the fabric loses colour as soon as it comes in contact with water (or sweat) & ruins the look of complete attire. If you want to make a colour test, then pick a small cotton ball or use your white handkerchief to rub a small portion of the fabric. If you notice any colour on your handkerchief then the fabric is not suitable for making a summer dress.

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Also, make sure to scrutinize whatever fabric you pick to check for any signs of inconsistent dyeing. If you notice any faded area, especially on the fold line then skip your decision to buy that fabric and switch for another one. Also, if you see light shades in any fabric until it's a natural design then don't buy the fabric.

#4 Suitability and Occasion

You likely have some sort of attire in your mind while purchasing the fabric because you know on what occasion you have to wear it. For instance, even though cotton is comfortable you can't wear it to a party. Similarly, while Linen may be counted as a premium fabric but it won't serve the purpose of an evening gala. For any summer party outfit, you choose an embellished net fabric or organza with a cotton lining. So your skin & your look, nothing is compromised.

#5 The Location & Weather

Whether it is hot & humid or hot & dry, both are equally daunting. The hot & humid weather across coastal cities makes 'breathability' the most important factor when choosing a fabric. On the other hand, the hot & dry weather conditions in semi-arid regions need to have slightly thick fabric to avoid sunburn.

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#6 Shrinkage

Although a general tip, it might come in extra handy when you want to design loose garments. It is essential to check the shrinkage factor before you are going to buy fabric.

You can check this by yourself as it is generally mentioned in product details, or you can confirm it with the store coordinator, or simply ask for it. Some of the preshrunk fabrics are already labeled with the term โ€œSanforisedโ€, โ€œMercerisedโ€ and so on.

#7 Colour

Colour is the most important factor that every generation considers before buying any fabric. Scientifically, less saturated colour tones are soothing for the eyes & what else do we want other than soothing in summer?

The trending shades of 2022 like the peri-winkle, cafe mocha & classic choices like mint green, lavender, and ecru are best suited for casual wear. For party & evening wear you may go for your favorite colour without any limits or a shade that suits your skin tone.

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#8 Pattern

Another factor that you have to consider is the pattern, especially if you want to buy a printed dress for summer. We all know about the classic choice of floral prints, be it huge flowers or chintz print - all floral summer dresses look phenomenal.

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Tropical prints are another great choice for summer. So what's the key?

All nature-inspired prints make a comeback in summers. Itโ€™s suggested to go with the trend and choose prints that represent the current fashion intent to look more chic and attractive.

In a Nutshell,

Here's every tip you need to buy the best quality summer fabrics online or offline. So start picking your choices from our widest range of fabrics & worry not, we add new designs every day!

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