Wear the spirit of India with Fabriclore’s Exclusive Collection - Quirky India

Wear the spirit of India with Fabriclore’s Exclusive Collection - Quirky India

India is a place of cultural diversity where we revel in different attires, food, festivals and most importantly, our emotions connected with them. From desi delicacies like ‘tapri chai’, ‘crispy samosa’, to adventures on the road in ‘Kolkata’s Yellow Taxi’, Dash ‘Autos in Mumbai’ every day our lives are filled with these moments that make us say ‘It happens only in India’.

Taking inspiration from these diverse Indian cultures, we designed a collection to capture the quirky spirit of India.


Quirky Prints

It’s 6 am & you can have chai, it's 6 pm & you can still have chai, chai (Tea) in our culture is not bound by time, anytime can be converted into chai time. And when the tea is made at a tapri (Tea Stall),  poured in a clear glass, sizzling hot from the kettle -  some people refer to it as joy. So it had to be included in our design, after all,  ‘chai bina chain kaha re’ (There’s no calm without tea)


Quirky Fabric India

India is best known for its richness of the culture and diverse craft of the region. Be it Pheran of Kashmir or Pagri of Rajasthan or Tussar saree of Bengal, Indian people feel emotionally attached to their traditional attires. These looks not only define their native region but were designed scientifically keeping in mind the region's climate.



Despite having a cab service on your phone, sometimes it just doesn’t work when you need it the most. But our local rickshaw wale bhaiya is always there with their own quirky rides. Some may recall the nostalgia of hand-pulled rickshaws while some may fancy the yellow Ambassador taxi of Kolkata.

It’s nearly impossible to sum up the spirit of India in a collection but we made an effort with our Exclusive Quirky India Collection. The designs are based on ever-comfortable & flowy flex rayon fabric which makes it suitable for every season & the bright color palette will surely lift up your spirits. Now all you got to do is imagine what will look great with these digital prints.
Here’s our cue-



A loose-fit shirt will remain in trend forever, & as per the ongoing fashion styles - A quirky printed shirt always pops out in the crowd. For years these prints & such kinds of clothing stood for being too attention-seeking & loud. Although this season, these bold & funky prints are favoured by all.



Comfy, practical & good looking, this is how we can define a jumpsuit & they are getting popular among trendsetters. A jumpsuit is an outfit that looks cool & delivers a fresh & finished look each time you choose it as your outfit of the day. 



In this fast-moving life aiming for a good night's sleep is important. Along with comfort a little bit of style will always go in handy & after the pandemic, many people have started opting for cool, cute, or funky printed night suits that can be worn while running quick errands.



These overalls have been part of our wardrobes at one time or the other & by the looks of it, they are making a comeback. So why not ditch the plain old pattern & upgrade it with some prints that will make you fashion forward? This comfortable loungewear is the most versatile pair of pants, perfect for everyday looks, be it a brunch date or an evening with friends.


quirky kid fabrics

Every parent likes dressing up their kids with experiments, the reason being - they look adorable in every kind of outfit. With that being said quirky prints on a child will make them the apple of many people’s eye which will make even the parent want to twin with them. Cute PJs for the whole family? Not a bad idea at all!

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