Sewing The Sia Dress Pattern

Sewing The Sia Dress Pattern

For this week I decided to sew an elegant designer sia dress! As day by day, it is getting a little colder in Berlin, I was feeling passionate about a dress that had sleeves.

The Pattern

I’ve seen so many amazing patterns by Marsha Style and have had my eye on her Sia dress for a while! It is a gorgeous deep V neckline pattern that has front bust pleats and a fitted waist. 

I was smitten by the look of this dress. A lot of her patterns are very versatile. 

The Fabric

I wanted to make this dress out of a flowing fabric that would be comfortable to wear while also looking fashionable. 

This wonderful hand-blocked banana cotton fabric that is incredibly soft and wears well was gifted to me by Fabriclore. Their sustainable textiles are handcrafted and of exceptional quality. 

The Fabric

The fabric's hand-block printing approach appeals to me since it feels more personal and unique. I went with this vibrant mustard orange fabric with a red pattern design. 

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Sewing Up The Dress

For this dress, I cut out a size 6 of the pattern and decided to create the unlined version of dress B. 

Sewing the pattern altogether was simple, and the directions were well-explained and simple to follow. I knew I wanted to create View B of the dress since it had a puff sleeve element with an elasticated hem, which I think adds a nice touch!

I left off the front button placket as it's more of a decorative element with the back zip. I also chose to ditch the sleeve head cushion in favor of a cleaner aesthetic.

Sewing Up The Dress

Overall, the pattern fits perfectly and draws attention to my waist. I believe this is due to the brilliant front bust pleats, which create volume, and then the waistline, which produces such a gorgeous waist feature.

I'm obsessed with the deep v neckline and love that I left it so deep! You could also add a hook and eye closure to make it less deep, but you know how I am... I love deep v!

The only concern I had was that the waist was about 1/2′′ too tight; it seems great, but I think I just have to adjust the waist a little. 

And voila! A beautiful and elegant dress for your casual outings.

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