Top Picks of Handcrafted Saree for you: Diwali 2020

Top Picks of Handcrafted Saree for you: Diwali 2020 - Fabriclore

The most happening time of the year is here. 

Kicked off with the Navratri's, the months following are only going to be filled with more vivacity and celebration. Goes unsaid, the star of the lit evenings being Diwali!

No doubt, you can add it to the list of the days in a year when you wait to dress up and even design your look. The hunt begins days ago for that perfect dress which satiates your inner wilderness of a diva. Add to it the hassle of  pre pooja preps and looking after the guests. And here comes the pain of not knowing what to wear.  

Only if Cinderella had the perfect pair of pants for comfort while being perfectly elegant! Or, umm maybe not. Why should Cinderella only wear a big dress? How about a sleek, light handcrafted saree which could be just as comfortable and even more flowy? 

Now, before you run into a crisis, let us take you through a curated list of classic handcrafted sarees that could help you at ease at the rituals and stand out as a statement for your Instagram as well. What more could you have asked for? 

Check them out already!

1. Ageless Ajarak

Traditionally printed in crimson and indigo blue with complex patterns, this block printed style now comes in more shades and colors with magnificent prints. Their intricate designs and blue-red shades give a classic old time diva vibe. 

If you’re looking for something in daytime, perhaps a yellow piece would be perfect for that bright feel. But we really do place our bets on a satin green or crimson saree to steal the show. Post that, all eyes on you, woman!

2. Bold Banarasi

Banarasi sarees are the classics in a world of ever changing fashion. Style may come, statements may go, Banarasi sarees rule forever. No questions asked. Known for their rich silk embroidered with gold, zari and silver borders, a classic red or white saree with gold border is always a standout. Regardless of the occasions and no matter how many times worn, they never cease to make us fall for them all over again. All your favorite celebs to influencers, no one stays back from showing off a classic banarasi. You might want to add yourself to the hashtag search too! Oh and a tip, a desi gajra aka flowers in your hair might further add charm to the overall appeal.   

In case, you’re not in a mood for the heavy ones, opt for Banarasi Chanderi ones which by the way come in quite quirky patterns too.  (And we have a great collection of those, by the way.)

3. Classic Chikankari

There’s a possibility you already have something of Chikankari work in your wardrobe but you might not be aware of it. These breezy-pastel hued sarees with thread embroidery feel like what falling in love might feel like - happy and calm. This Lucknowi thread-work speciality comes in varied fabrics for you to choose from. Cotton, georgette to name a few.

So depending on whether day time or evening, for hustle-bustle or just less work and more chill, you can pick what best suits you. And c’mon, let’s not even debate on the appeal the bright color will add to your insta page template.

4. Kingly Kalamkari Saree 

Truth be told, if you like arts and painting, and wouldn’t mind adorning one, this is a must have for the Diwali look. They’re comparatively not that expensive and besides, you’re promoting Vocal for Local. Pair it with a trendy, non-conventional blouse  or crop top, throw in some funky tribal jewelry  and you are all set for the occasion. Besides, a little more insight into what you’re wearing and letting people know of the same, might even encourage them to try it out. Time to try your hand at being an influencer, perhaps? 


Fabrics dyed with unique techniques have their own charm. What’s super impressive is that each of the techniques bring out their own style of outcomes and are all just so magnificent. There’s so much variety that you’re bound to like one or the other anyway.
You can go for the ever charming Bandhani from Rajasthan or Gujarat which uses the tie and dye technique; or simply the famous Japanese Shibori. This is an endless collection my friend and you’re only going to love them more.

So, the crux of it, when there is an abundance of timeless heritage of handcrafted sarees that you could wear over and again and yet make a statement every time, what else are you searching for? Style them as simple or experimental as you want and don’t shy away from having fun. And of course, when you click pictures, share them on gram and tell us your Diwali Story with #DiwaliStory & #FabricloreDiwali. We will be giving out Surprise Vouchers for winners, and one of the potential winner is already reading this. *WINK*  So don't miss out to participate. 

You go girl!

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