Handicraft Gifting Ideas for Diwali Season 2020 

Handicraft Gifting Ideas for Diwali Season 2020  - Fabriclore

It’s that time of the year again!

Lights, Sweets, Get-togethers, and of course Shopping!

That’s right, Diwali time. 

While we’ve obsessively spent most of the year maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, it’s time to make up for the rest that we have been away from. If you had been looking for that one great occasion to buy that dress or invite some guests over, or simply adorn your houses, now’s the time.   

Moreover, apart from the customary cleaning, scavenging the houses for what can be given away, Diwali season also calls for bringing new glory, and items to the house. (Some of us absolutely love gifting and getting gifts.)

And talking of that, we have especially curated some #GiftingGoals for you! 

After all, what better way to celebrate and indulge than practicing gratitude with the warm spirit of this festival?  

While we will share our favorite picks for gifting from a huge range, Fabriclore is also upto making your life easier with a Limited Period curated Diwali Pop-up shop! You can find items such as jewelry, candles, incense sticks and much more with affordable prices and crazy options in one place. So, rush and buy before the stock runs out! 

Enough said, now check out our top gifting picks that are easy on your pockets, eco-friendly and made with love by skilled artisans, (Thank us later, *wink*.)

Cushion Covers

There are two types of people in the world - one, who think just two pillows are enough; second, who feel there’s nothing like too many cushions. For the second lot obsessed with pillows and cushions, artistic cushion covers are a perfect buy. They’re exclusively handmade, each one has its own story of inspiration and the charm they add to your space is unquestionable. So, ditch so those overly expensive branded items and go for these handcrafted luxuries!


Woven Handbags 

Whether for a fashion fanatic or a use-to-use person, handbags are never not worth it. Gifting a handmade woven bag would be a fabulous idea for several reasons! One can use them for storing easily reachable things in the house, as statement slings for your family gatherings or chic parties, or simply a new comfy home for your laptop! Besides, they’re eco-friendly so you’re contributing in your own way to make the world a little better. With the big shift towards textile and crafts in the fashion industry, high time we switch towards textile bags too.  Also, if you’re still not convinced, these would be loved as much by the youngsters as by the elderly in your house, same goes for the working and non-working ones.. 

 Handwoven Handback Handbag


Now puppets have a really quirky presence! Not only are they a classic piece of art and handicraft, but they also add a great historical and cultural value to your place. Absolutely perfect as souvenirs and go just as well as a real surprising gift. What’s more, being handmade, these are still running as traditional crafts in the families for years. By buying these, you contribute to their livelihood as well.  So, if you are thinking of giving them, well, don't think, just buy. 

Puppet Gifting Diwali Gifting

Tapestries and Cotton Wall Hangings

Tapestries are much underrated. And people are not quite aware of them either. These would make for good budgeted gifts with an air of awe to them. One cannot help but notice them instantly.

That is the kind of aura a tapestry adds to your space. You can choose from traditional hand made designs to digitally printed ones, whatever suits your taste the best. After all, what better way to express yourself in your home? 





Who doesn’t like wearing jewellery? A pretty easy pick for anyone for gifting. These tribal jewelry in silver, and beads with stunning colors and patterns will make you swoon over them. And you can buy them from the limited time Fabriclore pop-up shop in instants! About time you create your  tribal jewellery collection with awe-striking necklaces, earringsrings and lots more! 


Candles and Incense Sticks

Goes unsaid, Diwali is incomplete without candles and incense sticks! They are a good choice for gifting to nearly anybody and everybody. Especially when they have calming fragrances such as musk melon, neroli, mint, lavender, lemongrass and white blossoms, among many others!  These eco friendly and handmade products will make your homes happy spaces not only during Diwali, but anytime of the year. 



That’s all for the list for now but you can find plenty more options from the Diwali shop. Feel free to run an eye. And yes, don’t shy away from buying something for yourself too. 

Self love can go along with or without any occasion. 

Happy Diwali already! 

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