Top 10 Sewing Machines in India - A Review

Top 10 Sewing Machines in India - A Review - Fabriclore

Sewing machines are a great investment for home use, especially if one is interested in fashion and sewing. With new technology available on the market today, there are many fresh models which offer a myriad of features and add ons.

So, what should we look for when buying a sewing machine? Well, it depends on your use and experience with sewing. For example, a beginner would prefer a cost effective machine which offers basic stitches and features, while a professional may prefer one with special features like embroidery.

We have reviewed the best sewing machines available in India, and have rated them based on factors such as Initial Cost, Features included, Build quality and Post-purchase customer care.

Read on to find out our top ten picks!

1. Usha Janome Dream stitch zigzag electric sewing machine

The USHA Janome Dream stitch machine is a light and portable model, which is a perfect fit for the modern user, rather than the big clunky machines of the past. It can easily be fitted on a work desk and shelved away in a cupboard after use! It comes with a 2-year Manufacturer’s warranty, and a free, in-person demo as well. Most user feedback regarding this machine has been positive, even beyond the manufacturer stipulated warranty period.

It has 7 built in stitches and a button-hole feature to customize shirts, pants and ther clasps. The machine also offers an automatic bobbin winding system which makes it easy to switch between different thread colours.

It’s priced at Rs.11,400, which may seem steep for beginner users, but it is well worth the price in the long run, with the number of features offered, as well as the post-purchase customer care.

2. Usha Janome wonder stitch

Usha is a brand that is trusted and used by millions of Indians. Usha offers some of the best options for beginners looking for a quality product at a relatively lower cost.

The USHA Janome range of sewing machines offer the credibility of a reliable brand, while also offering a low cost options for beginners. The USHA Janome Wonder stitch sewing machine is priced at Rs.17,000.

The USHA Janome Wonder stitch model comes with 21 in-built stitch functions, the standard 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, and a free at-home demonstration. The Wonder Stitch model has a free arm for circular stitches and hard to reach areas while stitching. It has some preset designs that come handy for beginner users. Overall, given the brand’s reliability and the features offered by the machine, the slightly elevated price tag is reasonable.

3. Usha Janome Allure

The USHA Janome Allure comes with 13 in-built stitch presets, and simple, lightweight design. The manufacturer offers the standard 2 year warranty as well as at home demonstration for buyers. The machine is perfect for people with more experience, as it offers precise and strong stitches for its lower rate of stitches per minute.

It’s priced at Rs.15,700, and offers special features such as automatic needle threader, buttonhole foot and a feed drop mechanism for basic embroidery. It’s a great choice for intermediate users with some experience in stitching.

4. Singer start 1306

The SINGER Start 1306 is an absolute starter model, and is a perfect option for beginner sewing enthusiasts who are intimidated by machines with too many options. It comes with a Vinyl dust cover and add ons such as a Zipper foot, Buttonhole foot and a Darning plate, which covers the basics of home use for sewing machines.

SINGER also provides appointment based demonstration of the machine, available for all buyers. Over all this machine is the best automatic sewing machine available for beginners pursuing small projects and fixing small repairs. The machine is priced at Rs.9,500, which is on the lower range for a machine of such features.

5. Singer heavy duty 4452

The SINGER Heavy Duty 4452 is, as the name suggests, is designed for experienced users. It has 32 stitches in-built which includes an elaborate collection of decorative stitches. The machine also has a fully automatic button-hole function, which is great for fashion designers and dressmakers. It is a heavy duty and fast machine, which is efficient in being used for long hours.

It’s priced at Rs.42,242 which is a large investment for home users, but for professional use, it is a great choice, given the myriad of features and great customer service from the manufacturer.

6. Singer promise 1304

Another beginner friendly model from SINGER, the Promise 14304 model is priced at Rs.9,599 and comes with 6 built in stitches. It has a superior quality of build, with an external plastic modeling over the heavy duty metal frame. It comes with the basic stitches necessary for home use, and presets which are easy for new uses.

The model comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and a product demonstration by an experienced representative. Over all, the SINGER Promise 1304 model is the best fit for home use, given its convenience of usage, compact design and portability.

7. Singer Heavy Duty 4432

The SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 is another model that is preferred by experienced users. It includes many features, such as a Zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, edge and quilting guide etc. the SINGER 4432 is a great option for designers and dressmakers who will find use for the 32 built in stitches, including many decorative stitches.

The SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 is priced at Rs.1,45,731. It is a great investment for professional use, given its heavy duty design, free arm feature, automatic bobbin winder etc. The machine can be used for doing some basic embroidery as well.

8. Singer Promise 1408

The Singer Promise 1408 offers 10 built in stitches, and is designed with a heavy duty metal frame for longevity. It has preset stitch length and width and stitch tension, which is convenient for first time users. It has an elegant and compact design, which also makes it portable.

The machine is also designed in a way that makes it stable on table top despite the speed at which it works. The SINGER Promise 1408 is priced at Rs.10,500 which may seem steep for beginners, but is well worth it for the user-friendly and convenience of usage.

If you have no prior experience of using a sewing machine, no worries. The singer 1408 comes with an instructional video DVD that is supported in Hindi, English, as well as other regional Indian languages. The instructional video is very thorough, and is helpful for new users.

9. Brother GS 3700

The Brother GS 3700 is a great choice for intermediate users, who have specific requirements from their machine. It offers 37 in-built stitches with 71 stitch functions. It comes with an instructional DVD which explains the various functions, in an easy way for new users to understand.

The GS 3700 offers some extra features for more experienced users, such as using elastic threads, basic embroidery, attaching zippers etc. The machine is priced at Rs.14,790 and comes with a standard 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Although Brother is a relatively new company in the market, it uses Japanese technology and has good customer service post purchase.

10. USHA Allure DLX

The Allure DLX sewing machine will keep all your sewing worries aside with its advanced in-built features comes with a free arm for ease of circular stitching, 21 stitch applications (like button fixing, rolled hemming, satin stitch, etc.), and 13 built-in stitches including the buttonhole.

Further, it also has two dials for pattern selection and stitches length selection. It also features automatic needle threading, LED sewing light, faceplate thread cutter, and feed drop lever to facilitate embroidery. Now you can brag about your own stitches with the help of this amazing masterpiece by Usha.

These are some of the sewing machines available in India that are worth the price tag given the various functions available. We have reviewed sewing machines across all ranges, from beginner models to machines that are fit for slightly more experienced users as well.

These brands have a good warranty program and offer great customer service including but not limited to free demonstration of the product, machine servicing and post-purchase care.

So hop to the world of sewing & bring your aspiration of sewing your own garments to reality. Start with smaller commitments using pre-cut fabrics & then move on to your favourite fabrics.

Let us know in the comments which of these sewing machines is the best fit for your needs!

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Irene Juliet D'souza

I would like to go with usha allure dlx since it meets my requirement and I have used berenate before.

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