The 2022 Spring-Summer Trends You Can't Do Without

The 2022 Spring-Summer Trends You Can't Do Without - Fabriclore

Fashion pundits around the world expect 2022 to be a pivotal year for the Fashion industry. According to them, in the last few years since the onset of Covid-19, consumers are showing varied interests. So, it will be worth watching how brands will adhere to their needs, and how they will steer through the "new normal" that is upon them. In short, 2022 is going to make a huge impact, and it all starts from Spring/Summer 2022.

Needless to say, SS22 is going to set the tone for the rest of the year, and the runway shows we have had thus far have already shown it. That is why we must take a closer look at what is currently trending in the fashion space. 

Shades & Tones of the Season

The very base of any outfit you flaunt, having a complimenting color is a must! Industry experts have gathered a long list starting from White to Black. But there are a few that are going to stand out.    

  1. Periwinkle 

Pantone Shades are a big thing in the industry, and if the industry giant thinks one color is going to rule the rest of the year, people would go berserk to get their hands on it! Periwinkle, close to blue and violet, has a blissful vibe to it. Its non-threatening complexion gives a sense of security and serenity - something essential during these tough times. Just like the beautiful Herve Leger outfit!

Fabriclore | Pantone Shade of the Year - Periwinkle

  1. Coca Mocha 

Myristica and Chocolate are two shades of Brown that are going to make waves this Spring, if not during the Summer. Not just the outfits, but the word is that it will be impossible to find accessories from any leading fashion players without Chocolate as an option. Bottega Veneta showcased the shades of Chocolate and a similar brown palette throughout this season.

Fabriclore | Coca Mocha

  1. Sugar Coral

Wanted to include Olive and Tangerine in the list, but thought I would rather put in some variety in the palette. Pantone has listed Sugar Coral to be one color within the Pink Red family to watch out for!

Fabriclore | Sugar Coral

Charming, playful and nostalgic, I see Sugar Coral be a perfect choice for Midi Dresses and Crop Tops. Speaking of which, Jennie from the renowned K-pop group stole the Paris Fashion Week with a crop top and mini-skirt.    

Shades worth trying 

Tangerine, Olive, Strawberry Pink and Peacock Blue

Fabriclore | Trending Colours of Spring Summer 2022

Comebacks, Classics & More Styles   

This year is going to be a lot different from the previous one, and the change can be felt already. This year there is an uptick in the demand for luxury, but still carrying on the legacy from the last year of simple and comfortable clothing. 

  1. Y2K 

Y2K is not a fad, and guess what 2022 is going to see the revival of this style on a much larger scale. Runway shows have already showcased metallic meshes, low-slung cargo pants, oversized denim and crop-tops.

Fabriclore | Y2K Spring Summer 2022

Designers continue blending music and pop culture with tech advancements - so precisely that it feels nostalgic for kids from the late 90s and 2000s! In fact, Blumarine Spring 2022 was themed around Y2K only. 

  1. Minimalism 

Instead of listing down individual outfits, I am narrowing them all down to one segment - Minimalism. A minimalistic approach to clothing is keeping your design and wardrobe simple.

Fabriclore | Minimalism Spring Summer 2022

People calm this segment of slow fashion where consumers will choose wisely rather than purchasing an outfit for a single occasion. So this includes your everyday shirtdress, coats, midi skirt and knits. 

  1. Bohemian 

You can call it Boho-Chic or Hippie Fashion, but Bohemian style is here to stay. Over the years there has been a stable demand for this segment, and in 2022 too, it will only go up but not down.

Fabriclore | Bohemian Spring Summer 2022

Perfect for exotic outings, as the world opens up slowly after the pandemic, we will be seeing more Boho-chic tops and Sarong skirts! Paco Rabbane's 2022 collection is the epitome of classic Bohemian culture! 

Also keep an eye on these

Comfort Clothing, Classic Uniform and Feather Attires 

Fabriclore | Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2022


Just as important as color and dress, silhouette makes or breaks the overall vibe of your outfit. Proper sleeve cuts amplify your aesthetic while if it is done poorly there won't be any camaraderie between your top and skirt. 

  1. Puffballs 

The Puffballs were incorporated the most in SS22, as compared to other styling. Conceived from a trend outlined in the late 1980s, Puffball showcased this year as a modernized take on the classic style.

Fabriclore | Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2022

While there is a Puffball sleeve, and Puffball tops paired with jeans, nothing can beat the innovative Puffball Skirted Dress that Celine introduced on their SS22 runway at Nice, France. It gives a very unique shoulder line, something that many designers like to achieve in their outfits! 

  1. Scalloped Edge and Flow Slice 

Though rarely practiced among the fashion experts, the scalloped edge silhouette is complex and when done right it presents your outfit in a rippled design in both the shoulder-blade region and the sleeve. The idea behind this technique is to create an image of a gentle lady.

Fabriclore | Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2022
  1. Draped Silhouette

Draping of garments is a very fundamental method that most designers use to achieve a very aesthetic and unique silhouette. There is a huge room for experimentation here. You are not limited to the stitches but are only limited to how you can make the fabric flow through the body.

Fabriclore | Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2022

Goes without saying, draped garments were featured extensively on SS22 like this one from Ashlyn - taken from their Spring 2022 Ready-to-wear collection, hence it finds its place on this list.

We are quite a fan of this trend. Simply drape & flaunt, after all there are no limitations!


Take some inspiration from

Cut outs, Tassel trims, and Gigot sleeves.

Fabriclore | Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2022

That's all we have got from SS22. 2022 is surely going to be a different year for fashion. We will make sure you will know the latest trends and styles that will trend this year through more of such informative posts! New York Fashion Week is right around the corner. Hoping to see more of such innovative designs!
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Which of these trend is your favourite? Or are you someone who goes for everything offbeat? Share with us in the comments below

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