Find Out How Angie Made A Three-Piece Outfit with Corduroy

Find Out How Angie Made A Three-Piece Outfit with Corduroy - Fabriclore
The journey of a 3 piece masterpiece, in Angie's own words -

I am loving the family of Fabriclore and so happy to be apart of it. What’s not to love about teaming up with a passionate community to create some handmade garments? They have an awesome selection of fabric which includes Digital Print Corduroy fabric like the one I chose to use for my outfit.

I chose this beautiful Geometric Digital Print Corduroy Fabric in Navy and Off White Print because I just love the uniqueness of this print and the smaller wale of the corduroy fabric. I have always loved corduroy fabric but too often I can only find the very large wale which makes it very thick and too heavy for my liking.

Fabriclore | Sewing a pantsuit with Angie
Fabriclore | Sewing a skirt with Angie


This print is so awesome and if you are someone that wants to start getting into more prints, I think this one is a great subtle print starter. This Corduroy fabric is not only gorgeous, but it is also so soft and a lighter corduroy that I believe can be worn all year around.

Fabriclore | Corduroy Fabric Online

I pre-treated the fabric by washing it in cold water and allowing it to hang and dry. This fabric is very lightweight, soft and has an awesome feel to it which almost made me want to make some around the house loungewear but decided that this fabric is way too beautiful to just wear around the house. Trust me, whatever you decide to make with this fabric you will be guaranteed to be completely comfortable.


I believe in “No Fabric Left Behind”, so with the 4.5 meters of fabric I was gifted, I decided to create a 3-piece outfit. My pattern of choice for the jacket is the Simplicity 1499 vest in view“C”, which I hacked by adding sleeves and the pockets from view “A”.

Fabriclore | Sewing a pantsuit with Angie

The skirt is my self-drafted High Waisted Pencil Skirt and the pants is also from my personal sloper which I self-drafted some time ago and added a flat front and elastic back to a 2.5 inch waistband. Don't hesitate to ask any detail in the comments below.

Fabriclore | Sewing a pantsuit with Angie


I am so happy with my results and very pleased I decided to create a 3-piece outfit because I love to mix and match my wardrobe. So many times when wearing an outfit with a jacket, it feels so business-like but this fabric is so soft, that it feels amazing and a lot less like business & more like pleasure.

That's what it is about, pleasure. And if you're someone who enjoys sewing as much as I do, please share your thoughts with me in the comments below. Oh! & don't forget to use code FABANGIE to avail a 10% OFF when you purchase from Fabriclore

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