Travel To The Most Intriguing Fashion Capitals With Fabriclore

Travel To The Most Intriguing Fashion Capitals With Fabriclore

Do you have a secret desire to walk the catwalk and devour every issue of Fashion magazine? Do you spend your weekends browsing the clearance sections of antique shops and setting up Google alerts for your favorite designers? Do the places you most like to visit on vacation seem like a who's who of the fashion industry? 

Travel to the world's most well-known and intriguing fashion capitals, as well as the up-and-coming ones, to get the most enviable stamps on your passport. So let’s explore these places!

Live and Laugh with Paris


The bridge across the Seine in Paris, the fashion capital of the world.

There is a good reason why we don't have a comparable phrase in English for à la mode. Designers like Coco Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Yves Saint Laurent have all called Paris home at some point in their careers, and the city continues to produce some of the world's most iconic fashion. That's only the beginning when it comes to haute couture in France.

This season, the most sought-after event is attendance at Paris Fashion Week.

There is no better time to visit Paris than during Paris Fashion Week, so mark your calendars now. All eyes are on the next season's must-have looks at Paris Fashion Week, and that means buyers, journalists, and celebrities from all around the world. Even though fashion week tickets are among the most sought-after commodities in the world, Paris remains an unrivaled destination since it allows visitors to attend even the most peripheral events.

If you're more into sustainable  fashion and upcycling, you'll love the abundance of vintage shops in Paris, where the savvy shopper is sure to find a hidden treasure. 

Be Groovy with Tokyo 


There are four cities that immediately come to mind when discussing fashion capitals throughout the world (they're all in this piece, but no spoilers!). However, the term "Japanese fashion" immediately conjures up images of dazzling aesthetics that are uniquely Japanese.

Tokyo fashion is most notable for its out-there weirdness. The freedom to embrace a little camp in their haute couture is empowering for Japan's fashion designers, who see no shame in kitsch. The combination of goth platform boots, a tutu, and John Lennon glasses is a winning look. Who are they to stop you? It's not impolite to wear socks with your flip-flops; in fact, it screams individuality. You can also rock this style with a pair of Street Fighter buns and an Indian kurta, both of which are held in place with glittery bobble elastics. We guarantee that whatever you can imagine exists somewhere in Tokyo.

Conqueror the Fashion with New York


Is there any other place more synonymous with fashion than New York?

When it comes to a trip focused on fashion, there is no place like New York City. There are so many galleries dedicated to fashion and couture in this city that it may be hard to tell the difference between a sample sale and a museum. When it comes to timeless fashion displays, The Met's Costume Institute is second to none. Is the gallery's name familiar to you? Maybe it's because people from all walks of life — the fashion, film, and social industries, as well as the business, sports, and music worlds — come together to celebrate the art of fashion at The  Met Gala.

Set the Trend with Milan


Anda! Anda!

Milan is the place to go if you want to see the origins of European fashion without all the preamble. Year after year, the Italians prove to the rest of the world that their classic style is the foundation upon which western design was built. With over 12,000 fashion firms, 800 showrooms, and 6,000 retail outlets, Milan is the playground of the world's most famous Italian fashion designers, and the fashion capital is pleased to guard the space needed for all of them.

Considering Milan is home to some of the great Italian designers like Giorgio Armani, Attico, and Dolce & Gabbana, Milan Fashion Week takes center stage in the weeks after Paris and London Fashion Weeks to provide more of what the European fashion world wants. 

Raise the Bar with London

Raise-the-bar-with-London (1)

London, the fashion capital that gave us the miniskirt, keeps pushing the envelope for the rest of the world to follow.

The birthplace of Britpop, mod, punk music, and haute couture, London is the place to go if you want to find something really unique in fashion. Camden, London's brightest neighborhood, should be your first destination on a London fashion holiday for one simple reason: Camden Market. Over a thousand shops, booths, bars, and cafés make Camden Market the most exciting place for independent designers to sell their wares to the public. Dress in a one-of-a-kind costume, have a drink on the Camden Lock and visit the monument dedicated to Camden's untouchable idol, Amy Winehouse.


Which country is the heart of fashion?

France is the leading country for the fashion industry in the world and is known as the heart of fashion. 

Which country has the best quality clothes?

China is known to manufacture the best quality clothes around the globe. 

What countries produce fast fashion?

Emerging Asian countries including India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Cambodia are significant exporters of fast fashion garments. Consumption of fast fashion is crucial to the economies of developing countries because of the high value of ready-made apparel.


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