Fashion Influencers in Canada

Leading Fashion Influencers in Canada

Leading Fashion Influencers in Canada

Influencers have gained notoriety whether you approve of them or not. They show us where to get the latest trends in clothing and beauty items, and they give us ideas on how to style ourselves. We have, however, produced a list of some of the best fashion influencers in Canada that we think you should read.


KAYLA-SEAH Leading Fashion Influencer in Canada

To provide just one example, one of our favorite fashion bloggers is Toronto's own Kayla Seah. For her work on the blog, not your standard, which won the Webby for "Best Lifestyle Website" in 2012, she deserves credit as the site's creator and brains. Her blog covers many other themes, such as food, travel, beauty, and interior design, but her focus on fashion is both refreshing and helpful.


ANIA-BONIECKA Leading Fashion Influencer in Canada

Being up in Canada piqued Ania's interest in style. In her younger days, she was a fashion model since there weren't many fashion-related extracurriculars at her school. Her Instagram is a veritable rainbow of the latest color palettes, boldest patterns, and most original attire.


SOPHIE-SUCHAN Leading Fashion Influencer in Canada

Young Vancouver starlet Sophie is killing it on social media. She's put in a lot of work over the last four years to build her following and provide largely fashion-related content. Her Instagram is packed with fun shoots, and her unique style helps her stand out from the crowd.


JILL-LANKSY Leading Fashion Influencer in Canada

You've undoubtedly heard of Jill Lanksy if you're a fan of beauty-related YouTubers. Her account offers a well-rounded mix of beauty and style content, yet she still won "Best Beauty Social Media" at the PG Awards Canada. You can find plenty of try-on hauls on her YouTube channel, and serious fashion inspo on her Instagram.


AMBER-SCOTT Leading Fashion Influencer in Canada

While she was born in the United States, Amber spent much of her childhood in Canada, where she now works as a lifestyle and fashion blogger. She first posted on her blog in August of 2015, and since then, she's amassed an Instagram following of 89.6K. Her signature look is laid-back elegance, and she often promotes her own label on her account. We love her blog because she shows you how to put together outfits with items you already own.


ESTEE LALONDE Leading Fashion Influencer in Canada

In addition to her 1.1 million YouTube fans, Estee also has a strong presence on Instagram. You may take major fashion cues from the effortless chic vibe that she exudes. Besides vlogs, she also posts try-on hauls and beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel. If you're lucky, you can meet her adorable greyhound, Reggie.


CRISTINA-MONTI Leading Fashion Influencer in Canada

There is no more stylish Canadian than Cristina, who reigns as the undisputed queen of streetwear. Her style is always fresh and original. Despite her fondness for denim, she is never at a loss for serving up flamboyant ensembles because of her penchant for mixing in bold patterns like flowers and gingham. Her site, The Boho Flow, is a treasure trove of information about fashion, beauty, and living the bohemian dream.


TESSA-LINDSAY-GARCIA Leading Fashion Influencer in Canada

The photos on Tessa Garcia's Instagram feed make us want for a sunny summer day. Her fashion sense is bold and stunning, full of flirty brights and eye-catching details. Furthermore, we like the subtle rustic vibe of her wardrobe. She just started a YouTube channel where she talks about being a new mom and posts videos of things she tries on.


MICHAELA-JANE Leading Fashion Influencer in Canada

Michaela Jane is the one and only account you need if you're interested in the latest fashion trends. Her blog is devoted entirely to fashion, particularly casual street wear. What do you think is the best part? Michaela frequents a wide array of budget-friendly retail establishments, so it shouldn't be hard to steal her style.


Who is Canada's highest paid influencer?

Paul Nicklen is known to be one of the highest paid fashion influencers in Canada.

How many followers do you need to be a successful influencer?

Gaining new followers is a sign of a successful Instagram strategy, and once you hit the magic number of one thousand, you may start making money from your account in many ways. If you're generating a lot of likes and comments and posting interesting, engaging content, you're doing everything right to monetize your Instagram account.

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