Newness Of French Fashion Designers

Newness Of French Fashion Designers

Fall in love with France, or it will make you fall for it!

It is a place that keeps history alive, with its enormous beautiful museums, aesthetic buildings, and more. Also from here, all the art history seaters are born. Let it be poets, painters, or designers, France has contributed a lot to the world. The history dates to the beginning of fashion in the 1900s, by Charles Frederick Worth, who was the father of fashion. And still today for all the fashion trends, everyone looks up to France. 

Artistic Creators 

Jean Paul Gaultier


He is a French designer, best known for his self-named design house. Jean Paul Gaultier at a very early age started to implement his passion for fashion without having any degree in design. Today he is one of the most famous designers creating bizarre apparel for both men and women. Moreover, most of his collections have showcased women wearing masculine attires and men wearing skirts, corsets, and dresses


Before bidding farewell to the fashion industry with a minimum of 50 years of experience, a grand finale show was put up in Spring 2020 couture. And more than 200 astonishing looks were showcased. Gaultier also revealed the secret behind the inspiration for making dresses, that earlier he was not having enough money so he started mending old clothes and creating fun things. Moreover, behind each piece of apparel, there is a very deep symbol for instance, for men he created skirts, and with that corsets. Corsets symbolized oppressed women, and there are many more stories behind every look. And for women, a new look jacket was designed that mounted flat on the front with skirts formed of streamers of old fashioned black silk stockings or opera gloves.        

Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin is a French Luxury label founded in the year 1992. It was named after the designer and founder Christian Louboutin, in all his shoe collections. Its signature of red-colored soles was created in the year 1993 which distinguished them from others. Moreover, the brand has secured the top position in the Luxury Institute's annual Luxury Brand Status Index. Most of his collections are inspired and dedicated to all the historical locations he has ever visited. Nevertheless, the primary goal was to make a woman’s leg look sexy and long in heels. Louboutin is also associated with dressier evening-wear designs engulfed in jeweled straps, bows, feathered, leather, red soles, and other such decorative touches.  


In Paris Fashion Week he showcased Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection and got famous with the tag of A Fantasy Realm. The heels which got everyone’s attention were, Lipstick Heels with sleek contours and a gold finish. Moreover, on some platform heels, the embroidery was done and on some embellishments was done by hand. Each piece of heel showcased Christian’s love for travel.      

Thierry Mugler


Thierry Mugler is a french fashion designer, creative director, and advisor of Mugler. The fashion house was launched in the 1970s. He was one of the first designers who showcased racism and ageism through models like drag queens, pornstars, and transgender women. Apart from clothing, he has designed signature looks for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Grace Jones, and many more. Also, in 1992 he launched a perfume, that soon became the bestseller perfume of the 20th century. But currently, the creative director of Mugler is Casey Cadwallader.   


In the collection of Spring 2022 Ready-to-wear, his signature element of ombre bodycon dresses with sculpted collars referred to 1998 haute couture. One quality that stands out in all his apparel is that whether you wear a piece of clothing at night or during the day time, it will look exceptional.     

Bouchra Jarrar


Winner of International critical acclaim, Bouchra Jarrar is a french fashion designer. With her unique style and elegance, she has devoted twenty years to the brand. In her earlier career days, she worked in the most iconic houses such as Jean Gaultier for jewelry and Christian Lacroix as the head of haute couture. Moreover, her list of experience in the fashion industry is very wide. Later on, soon she opened her own fashion house in the year 2009. Her spring collection of 2020 couture was remarkable. Some of her magnificent pieces included a fringed bias-cut tweed top and a khaki overcoat with silver buttons. Shiny black sleeves puffer jackets and more. In her collection, she has taken russet hues to pay tribute to her Moroccan roots. Furthermore, she adds that these colors remind her of how her grandparents used to wear shawls, carrying all the warmth of her origin.     


The collection was not just for high-end clients but for others also minimalist dresses were too made. For instance, a black dress in satin crepe, a long jersey dress with a slit in front. Jarrar’s most famous design amongst women is of suits paired up with crepe blouses or ivory gabardine trousers with blended tuxedo stripes. Her ideology for styling clothes is not to reveal too much and let them have more. 

Edmond Luu


Edmund Luu is a french fashion designer who founded his creative outlet in the year 2016. He named his fashion label Pieces Uniques. Before this, he was a creative director at Dior and then later on opened his label. The brand is like a platform over which budding artists can express their creativity. In all his collections clothes are like a walking dream, with richness and far from reality. He uses his apparel for storytelling, for instance, his fall/winter 2022-23 collection which was named NATION was portrayed with different colors. 


There were three families each representing primary color. The first family was draped in green, featuring shouldered silhouettes, metallic detailing, and regal embroidery. The second was blue inspired by the American mafia and post-Soviet codes with shirts, faux fur, oversized suiting, and bulkier shapes. The third and final group was based on the Southeast Asian mafia groups, presented y luxe shirting, slimmer-fitting suits, and heavily embroidered biker jackets.     

Christelle Kocher


Christelle Kocher is the founder and creative director of koché, which is a Parisian fashion label.  The label describes itself as being the crossover of high-end fashion, street culture, and contemporary art. She has worked with big-shots like Bottega Veneta, Dries Van Noten, Chloé, Sonia Rykiel, Marin Sitbon, and Emporio Armani. Moreover, in the year 2010, she became the artistic director of Chanel’s Maison d’Art Lemarié. Later on, after having a fruitful experience she opened her label in 2014. Not to forget, she was one of the earliest Paris designers to hype up the mid-2010 streetwear. 


The most talked about the collection was Fall 2020 Ready-to-wear. In this, there was a lot of punk element which was showcased with bondage leather braces and leather gauntlets. In addition, chunky sweaters paired with tulle skirts, a finer gauge knit mended with lace on a strapless dress and spongy sweatsuits for men in a subtle logo of jacquard.  


Who is the best fashion designer in France?

The top five fashion designers in France are Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Christian Louboutin. 

Who is the highest-paid fashion designer in France? 

Jean Paul Gaultier is the highest-paid fashion designer in France. 

Why is France so popular for fashion?

France is the house of all the big brands that have influenced everyone across the world and also has given rise to many artistic creators. Moreover, small or big artists or designers they always pay attention to their high-quality products.   


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