Paris Haute Couture Week: Romanticizing Fashion

Paris Haute Couture Week: Romanticizing Fashion

Paris Haute Couture Week is one of the eminent events. It is a place where from across the world all the big shots of the business industry, celebrities, buyers, media, fashion lovers, fashion designers, and bloggers come. But this year was quite distinctive from others as many fashion houses have opted for phygital shows. Which is a blend of both physical and digital shows happening together. According to the sensational news top fashion houses like Schiaparelli, Christian Dior, Chanel, Valentino, and more presented their collection on physical shows. Along with this many other designers went for only digital shows. Not only this year but for the past, few years digital shows have been continuing to entertain people.     

Wondering what is Haute Couture?


Haute couture is referred to as expensive, fashionable clothing crafted by prominent fashion houses. Moreover, Paris Haute Couture Week is an ideal place for designers across the globe. All the unique and out-of-the-box designs are found over here. And every single time it leaves the public awestruck. In addition, this year many designers' collections featured focusing on handcrafts and high-end fashion. In addition, except fashion couture weeks are also an opportunity for a fashion house to connect with their top cream clients, and strengthen their brand name.       

Escapism to Eliteness


Although it is a topic to ponder upon that these unbelievable attires are of what use if an ordinary person cannot wear them. Everything that is made in the world is not just about having it with yourself. Beautiful things are made to be admired and have a feeling of escapism into another world. In addition, they show the futuristic approach to the new fashionable world. 

Finest Collection of Top Fashion Houses 



Balenciaga was among the hot news as celebrities like Kimm Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, and Dua Lipa were the show stoppers. Besides this, the collection was based on the theme of technology innovation with crinkled t-shirts made with aluminum. Making the outfit easy to be sculpted in any desired shape. The brand also divulged its collaboration with Danish audio firm Bang & Olufsen: A “speaker bag”. 

Olivier Rousteing taking forward Jean Paul Gaultier's Art: Punks with Bumps


Jean Paul Gaultier took back his steps from the fashion industry in the year 2020. But his namesake label is continued by a new designer, to create a new couture collection for every season. The new fashion designer is Olivier Rousteing and presented designs paying homage to Gaultier’s archive. Which included conical bras, Breton stripes, and trompe l’oeil motifs with exaggerated shoulders and metallic armor. But the center of attraction was when two bump-clad models hit the ramp walk. With nose rings and layers of metal jewelry, representing France’s decision to extend the right to access IVF to lesbian couples and single women. 

Schiaparelli: Flower Power


Daniel Roeseberry’s latest collection was filled with hand-painted, leather-made, or constructed from stones and metal leaves. Blue color ruled with a tinch of autumnal tones, adding an earthiness to the brand's signature metallic embellishments and musings. 

Rahul Mishra: The Tree of Life


Having a feeling that he might be an Indian designer? Yes, you are right, an Indian designer has made his space in Paris Haute Couture Week. 

He presented an ode to Indian culture, tradition, and craftsmanship. The designs have proved the excellence of the designer in the world of fashion. Moreover, the collection took its inspiration from his childhood memory of growing up in India with her grandmother. A story that was the base for his designs was that her grandmother used to tie a hand-spun cotton thread around a banyan tree. This routine of worshipping became the tradition and from there he took the name for his collection “The Tree of Life”. He showcased his collection with three-dimensional embroidery techniques, silhouettes with plunged necklines and weighted shoulders. Moreover, the main color that ruled his collection was gold.  

Vaishali S: Rutva


Another Indian designer who created a hustle on the ramps of Paris was Vaishali. Her latest collection Rutva, meaning an ode to the moments of seasons coming together. Almost in all her collections love for nature can be seen, every single detail is a symbol of each season. Furthermore, the color palette was also according to the seasons representing the beauty around us. In her collection very fine hand-woven merino wool, transparent silks, and pashminas were used to make 3D and 4D attires.  


Which Indian designers presented their collection at Pari Haute Couture Week?

Rahul Mishra and Vaishali S, have showcased their hypnotic collection at Paris Haute Couture Week. 

How many times Paris Haute Couture Week is held in a year?

Paris Haute Couture Week is held twice a year.  

What and why is haute couture important?

Haute Couture is a high-end fashionable clothing that represents the fashion only the elite class can buy. It is a vision for the future of the fashion industry, what all designers can craft. Moreover, it gives a platform for designers to make connections with big businesses. 


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