5 Things to Consider While Choosing a Bridal Dress

5 Things to Consider While Choosing a Bridal Dress

No wonder, Indian weddings are the most fantastic, full of life, culturally vibrant events. You need to focus attention on thousands of things to make the wedding successful. Don't you think Indian weddings are extremely demanding in terms of rituals, décor, and most certainly outfits?

And at the top of the head, bridal lehenga designs are the most crucial part of a wedding. An Indian bride may pick a number of bridal gowns for many events like sangeet and engagement, but the lehenga which she chooses for her wedding day is bound by tons of expectations. Usually, the simple wedding dresses are picked by family members collectively, and it is expected to be breathtaking. 

Bridal Dress

But choosing bridal gowns for brides on a historical day in her life is not easy but painstaking. It demands a lot of struggle and a few tips that guide you during the course of picking a divine wedding dress for you. 

Here are the five most prominent factors that should be considered while buying a wedding dress: 

Body Type

Body Type Dresses

Without any doubt, once in our lives, everyone admired our favourite actress in wedding lehengas, but have you thought that particular lehenga may not be right for you? Yes, if it is not enhancing your body frame, then this one is not for you. Prior to buying bridal lehenga, you must know some staple things about outfit shape that would enlighten your curve. 

Wedding attire is heavy and should be customised for your body type in order to make you look stunning on your wedding day. If you are blessed with a small waistline, then choose to make your blouse piece heavy with embellished work, but if you have an apple-sized body, then soft fabric like chiffon, georgette, and crepe would suit your body. 


Choose Right Fabric

Material of the lehenga gives life to attire. It serves as the ultimate base for any apparel. For a wedding outfit, there should not be any compromise between quality and appearance. The basis of attire should be according to its work so that it adds value to the overall drape. 

To pick the best fabric for the lehenga season, body type and budget should all be kept in mind. Velvet and brocade material are the best for winter weddings, whereas light materials like chiffon and net should be picked for the summer season. For a lean body frame, choose organza and brocade; otherwise, go with the soft drapes like net and georgette. Net fabric can be pocket friendly where silk could go out of budget. 


Evergreen Colour

Every skin tone is beautiful and demands different shades of clothing to compliment you and your appearance. Are you familiar with your skin tone? If not, then prior to buying wedding attire, you should know your skin type. 

Girls with blue and purple veins can go for dark and warm colours like earth tone, while girls with warm skin tones can go for pestle shades like rose and violet. 

With light shades, always pick a fabric that is well embellished so that it gives a royal appearance like velvet, silk, brocade and many more. 

Embellished Work 

Embellished Work

Do you know what makes a lehenga beautiful and unique? 

The answer is embellished work on a lehenga. It includes adding detailing work on the lehenga that elaborates the bottom. Motifs, tassels, mirror work, stone decor, and laces are a few to choose from while customising wedding drapes. 

You can also choose to put zari and chanderi work on the bottom attire to give it a lavish touch. Owing to its elegant look and lightweight comfort, this piece is adored by brides. 

To make your deck unique, wear a heavily embellished lehenga with a lightly embroidered dupatta. You can enrich your look by customising your favourite fabric for the dupatta. 

Dupatta Work

Dupatta Work

Don't know what to look for in a dupatta while choosing wedding attire?

Often, brides pay attention to only the lehenga but miss the largest part of their attire, which is the dupatta, which covers the entire outfit. You should give comparable treatment to this while selecting your special-day outfit. 

To make the array splendid, choose your favourite fabric and decorate it with a range of trendy work and crafts that suit your lehenga. 

Picking Indian wedding dresses is not an easy task, especially a wedding gown for a bride. A perfect drape enriches the shine on your face and makes you feel special. So don't let popular opinions lead you and trust your gut with your wedding dress. Just pick what you want and make your special day more memorable.


What does a wedding dress symbolise?

As a symbol of her untainted heart, which she now offers to her destined partner, the ring is a universally recognised symbol of a girl's innocence and purity. The white garment has been reinterpreted as a sign of innocence and virginity rather than riches, thanks to the projection of Victorian notions of weddings, passionate love, and purity into the past.

What colours can a bride wear?

Nowadays, brides may choose from a wider range of hues than ever before. Colour is a great source of motivation, and with so many options like red, blue, pink, and even black, you'll never run out of ideas. The non-traditional bride may choose from a wide variety of colourful wedding gowns, some of which have no sleeves at all. 

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