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What is Brocade? 

  • Brocade is a patterned fabric specifically made for ornamental outfits.
  • It has a huge history of uses in different cultures.
  • Earlier brocade was made purely with silk but now it is blended with various other fabrics like cotton, synthetic fibers, and wool. 
  • Due to its embroidery with golden and silver threads, and extra weft threads it looks rich.
Brocade Fabric


  • Brocade was first found during China’s Warring States period between 475 to 221 BC. 
  • The application of brocade was limited in China until the initial few centuries of AD.
  • According to historians, during the 6th Century, intrepid monks from the Empire of Byzantine secretly took the sericulture out of China.
  • In one night, Byzantium became a massive producer of brocade. Resulting to be the primary producer throughout the Middle ages. 
Brocade Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out


The Brocade fabric features a weave with floating threads which create a lustrous surface.


It has a smooth and soft surface


Brocade is opaque and heavyweight


The fabric drapes quite well

Application & Usage


Sarees, dresses, dupattas, etc.


Tie, pocket squares, throw pillows, etc.


Cushion covers, sofa covers, curtains, etc.

Judge the Authenticity 

  • The only way to judge the authenticity of a Brocade is by checking the backside of the fabric as it has floating yarns. Due to this brocade fabrics are non-reversible. 

Care Instructions 

  • It is best to dry clean brocade outfits as it will protect the dye and design from getting damaged.
  • In case of washing the fabric at home, prefer mild detergent.
  • Do not twist or squeeze the fabric and lay it flat for drying. 
  • Do not iron at high temperatures, it will harm the soft threads of brocade. 
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