Bridal Lehenga

Bridal Lehenga You Can't Miss on Your Weddings

Bridal Lehenga You Can't Miss on Your Weddings

When you hear the phrase "wedding lehenga," images of a red bridal lehenga will come to mind. This exquisite masterpiece has the timeless beauty of traditions and art emanating from every inch of the attire. Red bridal lehenga is a warm, energetic, and really beautiful color. It's also a power-dressing hue that may put you in the limelight right away.

As one of the most auspicious hues, red is highly revered in Hindu culture. That explains why it is an absolute need in wedding outfits. Red's importance in Indian culture is supported by the color of sindur, the dupatta worn during rites, and many other items used at weddings.

Red lehengas are still the most popular wedding outfits for women, since even contemporary brides haven't outgrown the color scheme. However, fashion preferences and trends are evolving. For weddings, some ladies choose extravagant and distinctively printed bridal lehengas.

They are dated but airy, often easy and pleasurable, and reflect the significant shifts in materials, shapes, and silhouettes that the year is already bringing about. These days, brides are certain to be unconventional, distinctive, and remarkable. Additionally, there have been some general changes to how the bride appears.

Take a peek at what the wedding lehenga of 2022 has in store for this year's brides.

Multi Color Lehenga 

Multi Color Lehenga

This year is not about staying subtle on one color. Brides are loving pop colors for their dream bridal lehenga choli, Multicolored lehenga, multi-embroidered lehenga, or whether it is multi-paneled lehenga all will be the most sought-after styles in the coming wedding season.

Well, multi-color lehengas are already international favorites. Why not! when you don’t have to worry whether that color will look good on you or not as the multi-color palette suits for all. So I would suggest ditching the usual red and opting for a multi-color dress this year.

From ace designer Sabyasachi to many more, we have witnessed various fashion designers experiment with a number of fabrics and colors. This trend majorly includes blue color fabric, pink color fabric and yellow color fabric

Pastel Shade and Floral Motifs

Pastel Shade and Floral Motifs

Indian weddings saw a huge increase in the hue pastel pink when Anushka Sharma launched it. Along with pastel pink, pastel shades like mint green and blue also gained popularity.

There won't be any retreat in this. This style will include flowery designs and prints in 2022. This style is ideal for you if you are organizing a romantic wedding.

To nail this style, use light pink color fabric and match it to the groom's sherwani's white tones.

Whites are new experiment 

Whites are new experiment

Indian culture often doesn't see brides wearing white as auspicious since it's linked with widows. Although white is the traditional color for the bride in South India and a few locations in Gujarat and Assam. Because white cloth is common in several cultures and Western weddings have influenced this, white wedding lehengas are increasingly being worn by brides on their wedding day. The finest thing is that a spotless white lehenga will shine its impeccable-ness in a whimsical, contemporary night phera arrangement as well as in the daytime.

If you are not comfy with the white color fabric lehenga, choose off white color fabric

Obsession with Lilac Lehenga 

Obsession with Lilac Lehenga

Lilac-colored fabric lehengas are now dominating the 2022 bridal lehenga trend. These colors will instantly make you seem more charming. This color is appropriate for everyone, whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, a visitor, or a friend. Masaba is one of the Indian fashion designers using this purple fabric to create lehengas. You can even play around with it by mixing a purple hue with an ombré wedding ensemble, for example.

Trail Lehenga 

Trail Lehenga

Trail patterns are known for uplifting the look whether it is a gown or bridal lehenga. Indian fashion designers are adding this amazing christian wedding influenced pattern into their bridal lehenga with experiments and creativity. You can go for this trend if you want to add some dramatic royal vibe into your appearance. I like how brides are experimenting with this fashion trend with embroidery and velvet fabric by adding elegance and charmness. From pink color fabric to gold color fabric, you can experiment with any shade as per your choice. 

Please let us know which lehenga style you like the most for your upcoming winter wedding. 


Which outfit do you prefer for an Indian wedding? Saree or Lehenga?

Saree and lehenga both are ethnic attire which looks good for an Indian wedding. It totally depends on you what you want to wear and how. You can pick whatever you feel like. You can also go for a draping saree as lehenga to make your appearance elegant and aesthetic.

Is the red color lehenga only meant to be worn by the bride?

The red color is considered auspicious in Indian traditions and is worn by brides, yet there are no specific rules for it to be worn by the bride. You can pick a red lehenga or saree for someone else's wedding. However, you should avoid twinning with your bride until you are very close to her. The wedding is the bride’s special day, and let it be in that way.


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